Gadget – Xiaomi 17Pin 星果杯 Portable Blender

Date:  Sep 23, 2019

Kay Kay loves banana.  So, today, he is going to learn how to make a Banana Milkshake.


First you need to cut the banana.


How come I got this strange feeling that the way how he hold the scissors is macam like he might accidentally cut his finger leh?  hahaha

But the point is, you got to start somewhere to let them start busy inside the kitchen. Yes, there are risk, but if manage properly, then, we can cut down that risk significantly.

Yeah!  I cut the banana.


Next, you need milk.


Pour the milk until it hit 300ml max mark.

Banana + milk = banana milkshake

Kay Kay does not want to put ice in it.  Although he can do that.


Put the cover and screw it tight.


Wait a minute.  Show me the blender again…

It looks like a mug or glass.  Where is the blender??????


Take the cover off, and you see the blender blades there.


Very odd looking.  I thought it has bended during the shipping or manufacturing process.

But later you know it is working.


Let’s start blending.  The way how he blend is not so correct, you actually have to move the blender left right, give it a swing, so that all the ingredient can reach the blender blades inside.

That is why his banana milkshake still can see a small pieces of banana not yet finished blending.

So, you blend for about 30-45sec.

This little blender is quite powerful.

The banana milkshake boy.


Let’s pour it all out.

It looks quite smooth.  Except for 1-2 pieces that not yet being blended.


Is it nice?  Yeah!  Nice…

You know what he did, he drink it all both cup and leave nothing for me.  hahaha

This is the packaging.


Won a reddot design award.


More specs.


This is the charger.  Surprise.  They did not use the USB.  It is a magnetic snap on charger.


This is how you charge it.


Once charged, turned green colour.


I bought it from Shopee from Xiaomi store (store that sell xiaomi products).


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