First Time Eat Impossible Burger

Date: September 22, 2019

The haze condition did not get better during the F1 night, when I was exposed outside only for a short 15minutes, I started to cough, and my flames getting thicker.

No good. So, I brought the kids to Jewel’s 5th floor to have lunch at the Canopy walk there. There are a couple of restaurant there. Some got queues some don’t. So, we picked the Prive restaurant.

As I can buy Hainanese Chicken rice for Kay Kay as he is the picky one.

To my surprise, just when I am about to order a Wagyu beef for myself, the waiter strongly recommend me to take this “Truffled Mushroom Swiss Plant-based burger.

At first, I didn’t know what is it. But then I heard my colleagues mentioned it before, it’s FAKE BEEF.

It is a plant-based meat taste like beef.

So, I ordered one for myself.

Here it comes. The burger with a small Impossible Flag on it.

It looks like a burger. The visual of the beef patties looks just like a real beef.

Got a bit red red Color. I Guess mine is almost done.

So, the first thing I do, is to cut a small piece out to eat.

Well, it has that texture of a ground beef, but feels and taste a bit like tofu. With lots of peppery taste. Not sure why.

If you taste the meat like this, then, you may not like it. Because it taste good. A bit strong fragranced meat.

Hmmm… how is it possible man make a beef that looks like a beef and almost taste like a beef?

Let’s taste the meat with the burger. WOW.

I must say, if you eat the whole burger, it tasted really really good. It taste like a beef burger. And I eat like eating a real burger.

This is unreal. You know we Chinese some times eat the vegetarian food, a lot of things are imitate meat, but still you can taste the soya and tofu in it. But this one, the Impossible Burger if you eat it like a burger, it is like a burger.


I like it.

But will I eat it on daily basis? Perhaps not.

Just take a look at this simple burger. With not so much Liao in it.

Wow, taste nice.

$21 taste nice. A fake beef, with no meet, cost $1 more than the real Wagyu beef.

Then, I remember I recently read this book. There is a few quotes in side.

This is one of it. If man made it, don’t eat it.

Basically, Impossible Burger is a PROCESSED FOOD. So, if you never tried it before, and you order once a Long while, I Guess it is ok. Just don’t take it 3-4 times a week.

The next outer is If it tastes good, spit it out.

Really most of the delicious food are so tasty, and it later will cost your health. Just like Ajinamoto. Add a bit into your soup, and the soup taste so nice. But what is Ajinamoto? Better stay away from it.

Just in case you don’t know who is Jack Lalanne, he is the one come out with those 2 quotes.

Now, let’s look at the nutrition benefits of The Impossible Burger.

Lot’s of vitamins…

Now, let’s look at some of the downside of the Impossible Burger…

Another con for the Impossible burger…

Lastly, the GMO.

Now, you know what I mean when It is made by man, don’t eat it. Hahahaha

Next, I pull this out from from Nasdaq.

Beyond Burger is another brand who has recently successfully IPO. And Impossible wanted to IPO too. So, if you asked who taste better a lot of people says Impossible Burger.

I personally have not tried Beyond Burgers, so, I cannot say who taste better ya. But these are the views from Nasdaq folks.

Now, after eating all the burgers, what is Nasdaq folks burger preferences, 3 quarters people still like real beef of course. But there is an impressive 19% people says Impossible Burger.

The Beyond Meat is quite successful. The share price is US$155.26 at the moment. So, can’t imagine when Impossible Foods get IPO, what will the price be.

So, here is my view.

Very nice taste. If taste without the burger bread, not so nice, but together with the bread, it taste like burger, it taste like meet. And it may taste better in some sense.

But remember, it is man made food, so it is processed food. The vitamins is impressive, but I won’t put my life to it. I will not eat it Everyday. May be once a month or once every 2-3 months.

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