The Game Changer – iPadOS & Mouse & USB Drive

Date:  Sep 28, 2019

Last week was a great week.  Apple launched the new iPhone, the new Apple Watch, etc.

Perhaps one of the biggest thing is now, iPad gets its own OS.  It’s called iPadOS 13.1.1. (Yup, today, yet another updates to the OS from version 13.1 just few days ago).

Let’s talk about things that make me happy.

As you already have guessed… iPadOS now support Mouse.


For older iPad that has Lightning port.  You will need this to make it work.


It is an adapter that plugs into the lightning port and provide USB-3.1 port and USB-C port.  Or anything that is similar.


I don’t have a spare bluetooth mouse.  And I don’t want to mess up with my iMac’s Magic Mouse.

By right, the most easiest method is to connect it via Bluetooth.  Be it a mouse, trackpad.

So, let’s use the Logitech mouse.  So, plug the Wifi Mouse Dongle in.


This is the simple mouse I am using.


OK, let’t plug it in.


Go to Settings -> Accessibility


Click on AssistiveTouch (Strange, not sure why it group under this setting)


And once you turn it on, a mouse cursor appeared.  That circle dot thingy is the mouse cursor.  Of course, you can make it smaller if you want.  All can customised.  You can configure the buttons as well.


Wow, I am impressed.  Click, click click and drag drag drag..

Of course, you can still use your reliable fingers to do the same thing.  But if you have spent the whole life using a mouse, you probably want to run Excel on iPad using a mouse.

This is a video clip that I use the Mouse on my iPad Pro.

Again, you need a USB-C dongle to make it work.

This is what I am talking about.  Doing Excel on iPad using a mouse.

Point and click is much more easier.


Next great feature that everyone is waiting for..

The USB drive!!!


It’s finally here.


It POPs up in the File app.


Now, you can copy in and out almost everything.


Beside these two great features, there are many enhancement too.

The multi-tasking windows is making a lot of sense now.


So, do you think that iPad now has transformed into almost like a Macbook.

By the way, this is my keyboard that I used to attach my iPad pro on it.  I am now still using the iMac.  But in future, I don’t know.  Because if Photoshop full version is finally coming to iPad, then, why am I keeping the iMac?  hahaha


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