Gadget – Xiaomi Mini Shaver from SMate

Date:  Sep 28, 2019

I don’t use an electrical shaver.

But now, I must look for such alternative.

Because ah Boy – Jay Jay starting to grow a lot of facial hair.  Soon or letter, he has to shave.  Of course, he can be like me, try to use a Gillette blade to shave.  But there is a risk that I need to clean his bloody face if he cuts here and there.  hahahaha

So, I saw this Xiaomi mini electrical shaver, so I bought it.  It is very small.  Quite handy.


Wah… can shave your eye brow too.  Wahahahaha


Is water proof or water resistance.  IPX7.  Whatever it means.

Use USB to charge.


Looks neat.  Small and easy to take.


First time, must press 3 seconds to activate it.

After that, you can just press the button to on or off.


Let’s put it to test.

Wow, can you hear that click click click sound… when the shaver cutting my short facial hair, or mostach or beard.

Quite clean I must say.  OK, I will use this from now on.  Will buy a new one for Jay Jay.


Unscrew the head, you can see those fine fine facial hair.


Is quite easy to clean, it comes with a small brush for you to clean.


Hi Jay, sorry to interrupt … If you need to cut your mostach, let me know. I got the gadget to do that.  Yeah.  hahaha


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