Teaching Assistant @ Katong V

Date:  Nov 18, 2018

Last week, there were about 50 scouts attended the robotics workshops @ The Lab at Katong V.

I was told that these kids can get a “Robotics badge” to be pin to their uniform if they completed these robotics challenges.


Jay Jay and his brother along with Lukas & Louis were “recruited” to be “teaching assistant” during the workshop.  I have to thank The Lab’s manager for allowing the kids to help out, and most importantly providing an unforgettable, valuable experience.

Even my young Kay Kay pick up the responsibility stick to teach a young scout and make sure that he understand and know how to do it.  Well done to all the junior teaching assistants.


I can tell from some parents expressions to see the kid version teaching assistant to be at work.  Jay is enjoying himself.


He himself also have lots of fun in this too.


How to be a teacher?  This is the most important question after they went thru this experience.


You have to be patient with the student.  And you cannot teach wrong things to the student too.  This is the basic principal.  If don’t understand look at yourself being a student.

And indeed, kids can grow up fast here by pushing them to teach other kids.  hahaha

I felt my young Kay Kay also learned a lot from this valuable experience.


And most importantly, not afraid to meet new people.  Not afraid to speak out.  Be sociable.  Be cool, be nice and make new friends.



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