Meet Sashi @ Habitat

Date:  Nov 25, 2018

Yesterday, it was first time we went to Habitat by honestbee.

The kids wanted to go, because they are serious Masterchef’s fan.  Mr. Sashi Cheliah is the winner of Masterchef Australia 2018.  He was born in Singapore, but now stay in Australia.  He was invited by Habitat to demo his winning dish – sambal chilli prawn this week end.  Each day got 2 sessions, i.e. 2pm & 5pm.


Just in case, you didn’t know where is Habitat.  It is located just beside Mapletree Business City.  There are a few MRT stations at the West Coast Highway.  They have quite some carpark, but need to drive further in and it is at the basement.

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 8.03.56 AM.png

Wow, he is quite chatty, and really can talk on the stage with no fear.  Not bad for a home cook.


The kids really are big fans of Masterchef TV show.


This is no joke ya.  When he cooked until this point, the sambal chilli smell has reached our nose.  And it was good smell.  Can’t wait to taste it.  Let’s see if this Masterchef is that good as what we saw from the TV.

Of course, we make the kids to raise their hand so that we can get our share of the food.  (so bad).  Yeah, they picked her.

And here come our sambal chilli crispy prawns.


All can’t wait to taste it.

Now, the verdict:  It was really good and tasty.  The sambal very fragrance, the sweetness from the palm sugar, and the spices is mix well.  The crispy prawn head is well fried.  The prawns is a bit hard though, but I think is the prawns supplied by the honestbee, could be from a prawn farm instead of sea prawns.  Because later I tasted the Hor Fun form the restaurant, the hardness of the prawn is similar.

I love his salad that is basil, coriander, and mint with mild spice fish sauce.


Oh ya, you have to spent > $30 to be in priority queue to take photo with Mr. Sashi.


I mind as well buy groceries now.  And spend the money.

But one thing I did wrong is I did not choose for the groceries to be delivered to my home.  Instead, I accidentally said I will collect it at Habitat.  Aiya… later after dinner need to do hard work liao…


Yeah, finally, we got a photo with Mr. Sashi.


Jay asked him to sign his autograph too.


Mr. Sashi autograph.  Sashi Cheliah the winner of 2018 Masterchef Australia.


Later we just eat at the restaurant there. I heard the fish and chip is nice, and the Char Siew is not bad.

Basically, you use the App to buy all your food.  Find yourself a place to sit down.  Wait for the App to ping you to go and get your food.  All ordering was done using App, payment charged to your credit card.  Eat as relax as possible.

I really like the very very high ceiling.  And it was good feeling being there to eat.  All the supplied spoon, fork, plates all are recycled materials.

You can watch people shopping while eating.


After dinner, we go and grab our groceries.


Wow, pretty high tech ya.  Robot will go fetch your groceries.

If you really cannot find a seat inside, you can go to outside, there are more seats outside.  Even have place for you to play.

This is the story of our first visit to Habitat.


And yes, we will go back there to eat again.  The kids said the Milk shake is very nice too.



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