Logitech Harmony

Date:  Dec 26, 2016

I believe you all met my Alexa back in May.  Alexa is my personal assistant at home, who helps me to turn on my bedroom light, tell me story, read me news, tell me time, tell me weather, tell me joke, play my songs, etc etc.  Even playing games.  There isn’t anything Alexa cannot do.  And as of today, more then 7,000 applications and devices has been implemented.



Now, let’s meet Harmony.


This is Logitec Harmony.  It is a universal remote control and a smart home hub.


I have many many media box, and TV and Starhub, etc etc.


And many many remotes.  So, now, what if you can ask Alexa to simplify a certain process??  That will be good right?


This is how it looks like.


Mine comes with a remote control with a touch screen.


So, when Alexa + Harmony…  What will happen?

Let’s see a demo.  You can actually tell Alexa to turn on and turn off TV, Apple TV, etc.  Change channel too.  But I have not got into that.  Actually Harmony can learn any IR remote too.  Means it can turn on off fans, lights and air con.  I will be doing that later.

This is what Harmony does.

IMG_3169 2.jpg

More functions.

IMG_3168 2.jpg

This is the remote control using Logitech App.

I am happy now.  And I can kick my wife to my room to watch Korean movie or TV on my iMac.  hahaha



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