TCM Vs. Gastric Reflux

Date:  Nov 25, 2018

After my heart bypass surgery, without any explanation, without any reason, I started to have this gastric reflux symptoms.  I never had this sort of heart burnt, or acid reflux problem in my medical history.  Only have it after the operation.

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So, the symptom is very simple.  After some food, or drink, I will start having this nausea sensation feeling somewhere at my gullet there.  It does not cause any pain, but it just give you that kind of uncomfortable feeling, that you want to vomit, and sometimes, it affected your head and decided to give you a mild headache.  I too never have headache problem in my medical history.

So, this reflux has go on for almost 3 months.  I have no clue what happen, the doctor keep prescribe western pills to suppress it, which does not do a good job.

Until, my boss asked me to go and see TCM for third opinion.

So I went.  I went to Eu Yan Sang @ JEM for consultation.  A physician named Dr. Lee Kin Meng will try to help me to find out what is my problem.


After I explained to him my heart operations, and my symptoms, he then, seems very confidently and explain to me the following:

  1. He explained to me what is this gastric reflux, and how it happened.
  2. He said, the gullet has one inlet, and it is one direction.  So, the acid trying to push its way up.  And sometimes, it may “swollen” that inlet and cause infection.  That is why it caused the uncomfortable feeling.  Funny thing is, I have not heard such explanation offered to me by western physicians.  That is why I do not understand why.  But after hearing from Dr. Lee, I suddenly understand the nature of the problem we are dealing with.
  3. He also said, if the acid cannot go up, it will go down, and sometimes it affected the bottom part (幽门).
  4. So, he said, there are know combinations of herbs and medicine that can fix it, but it will take time to slowly heal the infection.  This is when I understand the different of suppressing the uncomfortable feeling vs. slowly fixing and healing the problematic area.

So, he end up prescribed me 7-days of Chinese TCM medicine.  He wants me to drink it (which is powder mix with warm water) in the morning and evening.  He told me that after drinking the TCM medicine, it is best not to mix it with western medicine for 2 hours before or after.  So, I listen to him.

I then asked him, 7-days is enough?  Well, he said if I can take longer is best.  So, I suggest to him I can take 30 days.  So, he granted my wish.  This is where I understand that usually TCM medicine will take longer time to heal as it needs the body to produce the ability to heal the body itself.

Some doctor will not allow because they scare the TCM medicine might not be helpful after one week and the doctor might want to change to another TCM medicine mix.


Of course, he also cautioned me to

  1. Not drink any cold drink.
  2. Not drink any soft drink.
  3. Not drink any alcohol.
  4. Not eat oily food.
  5. Not eat oil fried food.

He basically wants me to watch out my diet for 1 month too.

So, everyday, I diligently drink my TCM medicine in the morning when I wake up, take my usual medicine 2 hours later after I took the TCM medicine.  And before I sleep, 2 hours after I took my other medicine, I drink this TCM medicine.


And to my surprise, after 7 days of drinking it, I felt better, and now it is almost 13 days of my treatment, and I have not had any gastric reflux attack for the past 6-7 days.  I started to realised that my gastric reflux problem has finally been solved??

Let’s wait until I finished the whole 30 days of medicine and wait for a week or so to see if the gastric reflux will relapse or not.  But this TCM medicine actually fixed what the western medicine try to suppressed and failed.

I am happy with it.  🙂

Next is to fix my Lack of Genki (元气) problem.

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