Ski Instructor plus Photographer @ Tomamu

Date: Dec 21, 2018

This year, we went to Hoshino Resorts @ Tomamu for our skiing vacation.

When I booked the hotel, I usually have to book the ski lesson for the kids too.

But because of the uncertainty of my condition after my heart bypass operations, I can only booked the ski lessons after I got some confirmation or green lights from my doctors in late November.

By the time I trying to book the ski lessons, all the group lessons as well as private lessons are fully booked. So boh-pian, I was forced to take the “Private lesson with photographs” option. I don’t actually know what it really mean, but I book it anyway.

In my mind, I thought the private lesson instructor will be carrying a camera or may be a GoPro to shoot photos or videos of us while we are skiing. But we end up with a private coach and a professional photographers

I booked two sessions of private lessons with photographs. And I end up receiving two USB disk card with all our skiing photos on it. He even process the photos for us.

This is something new.

The professional photographer not only carry his huge Canon camera with sport lens with him, he is on a snow board. Very cool.

We have come so far to ski in Japan. And most of the time, we have “no hands” to take photos or videos. But with the camera man around, we now have very good photos and memory.

Actually, I am talking about myself hor. Usually, I will take my iPhone to shoot video. But now, I can see what was I doing because somebody is taking the photos.

Everybody has lots of photos. While they skiing. The coach is good, ski backwards.

He can even take photos on the chair lift.

Photos with all four of us inside.

We don’t have to take selfie or wefie and let the professional do it.

When you go on to any vacation, or overseas trip, taking photos is a must. As that is how in future you going to remember what you did in this vacation or trip.

Those fun time you spent with your family are all precious memory.

So, since you already spent some money on the ski trip, I think in order to have real good memory with good photos, I recommend to spent some more just to sign up with the private lessons with photographs. It is fun to see the professional camera man snowboard and take photos of your family.

And its totally worth it!

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