Python Programming – The Young One

Date:  Apr 7, 2018

We started both Jay and Kay the same time for Python programming.

And because the age gap is 3 years, therefore, it takes Kay more time to complete the Basic Python 2.


Kay has completed the Basic Python 2 course about 1 month ago.

He is now taking the Intermediate Python 1 course.  Jay is still doing his final project, building the sumo wrestler robot.  Today, he has to use the Lego designing tools to build the model too.


If you remembered he has to take the writing test to write the codes to display the stars in each line.


Yeap, that’s the one.


Kay has come a long way and it is chasing his brother’s in the progress.

Don’t forget he is 3-years younger.


So, here is my random thoughts about Kay (young kids) learning the programming language.

  • At his age, there are a few topics which is “advanced topic” for Kay.  Such as Geometry angle.  These are topic he can relate back to his robots.  What is 180 degree compare to 360 degree.  He has not learned that from school math class yet, but he is exposed to these concepts now.  So, it is a good thing.  It is good to hear him saying: “Daddy… I thought 180 degree is turn 1 round, it is actually turn behind and face to the back.”
  • Learning Lego robotics using EV3 is good.  Kay has learned that since K2 until beginning of this year when I switch him totally to Python programming.  Most of the Lego classes such as WonderWorks @ Liang Court will teach the kids how to build the robot and make use of the Lego blockly style programming to program the robots.
  • Learning Scratch programming is good too.  That is programming language.  Both Jay and Kay had completed advanced courses in Scratch programming under Saturday Kids.  They learned how to program games, etc.
  • It is not too bad to expose the kids to learn Swift programming.  But it is a very hard programming so, it is better to wait for them grow to a certain age then let them learn.  Jay and Kay took one course but I am sure they already forget about the syntax how to write the Swift codes.  Although Swift can be used to program the drones – Parrots Mambo Fly.  But they are a lot of limitation.
  •  Kay did not make it to the drone competition yet, because he is still trying hard to learn his basic cores in programming.
  • If you can find a good Minecraft modding course, let them experience it.  Both Jay and Kay took the Minecraft modding course, changing their Minecraft game play and bring it to the next level.
  • I did expose Jay and Kay in Arduino, MicroBits, Raspberry Pi setup and programming.


Yeah, I can remember, both the kids love the gaming table me and Jay build.


It was a fun project back in 2016.


Me and Jay build the Retro gaming machine.


The table has tons of retro games.


And of course, I also build the Arduino Pong game.



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