DaVinci Member’s Monthly Competition

Date:  Apr 2, 2018

The Monthly Competition

Yesterday, Jay and his team won this month’s robotics programming competition.  It is a monthly competition held by DaVinci Innovation Lab, members will need to program the robot to do a certain task.

Not only the robot need to do it fast, the codes needed to be reviewed for code efficiency.  In case of tie breaker, instructors will look at the codes, and award the winner (only one prize) to the team that uses functions and subroutines.


The last competition is in February.  Jay won that with another two students.


This round there are six teams participating.


There are 12x crates the robot need to remove and push it out of the yellow box area.  The robot needs to clear the 8x in the outer square, and then, go into the center to clear the 4x in a circle path.

Jay has explained to me that he uses 2 functions to do the job.  the distance seems to be the same, so, find the crate and move forward, lower down the arm, turn left, push crates out, reverse back, turn right and standby.


The kids have to run back and forth to test it’s program.

They slowly refined it until it is perfect.

Jay’s team seems to finished the robot 15 minutes before the timer runs out.


Kay also partnering two older students to design their robot.


Here is Jay’s robot.  They are no. 3 to test out.  The first team has done all 12 crates in 2:20 minute with a slight error not following the order/sequence.  So, the time to beat is 2:20 minute.

And Jay’s team robot did it in 1:53 min, and correctly remove the crates in sequence.

Kay’s team has also given out their best tried.  The have two runs, and this is the first one, and after clearing 7 1/2 crates, the robot run wild.  Program not completed.

We have tried our best.  Next time I will win koko.  🙂


The instructors says that they have fabulous price this month.  A gun shape clock, that can project the clock on the surface.  Wow…


Jay receiving the price.


Signing his name.


Well done Jay!


Defending his award.  Two in a roll.


Normal Class

Mean while on the leaderboard.


Mr. Kay finally got his name on it.


Jay is doing his Intermediate I course final project.

While Kay just entered Intermediate I course not long ago.


This is his robot flipping robot sumo wrestler robot.  His final course project robot.


He said, he designed to have two motor to flip opponent robots.

Well, I guess letting them watch the BattleBots did help their mind to be creative.  I can’t wait to see his presentation of his robot.

Yeah, he needs to do a presentation in front of parent.


Drone Odyssey Preparation Class

Oh my god!


This Da Vinci lab is really serious.  I think they are sending their best teams to try to win the first championship of Drone competition.


Jay and his team will participate in Primary School division.  Drone Odyssey competition is organized by Science Center and open to all the students in Singapore.


The purpose is to control the drone using Tynker or Swift programming and perform certain task in line with Fighting Terrorism theme.


Jia You!




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