French Steak & Wine Get Together @ Atout

Date:  Mar 31, 2018

The food gang decided to eat at Atout on Good Friday evening.


Yes, Atout.  About a week old.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 7.06.16 AM.jpg

Patrick and JP (those two guys holding their shoulders in the picture below) took over Au Petit Salut, the restaurant and their service staffs, and rename it to Atout.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 7.10.56 AM.png

If you recall, Patrick, who taught me how to cook steak and beer in a cooking lesson at Shermay cooking school, he used to be from Au Petit Salut, then open his own Le Bristol du Sommelier with Max, and then, Casse Croutes @ Park West (yes, where I stay), and then, have a baby, and then, work a while in Huber’s Butchery, and now, he comes back partnering with Jean Paul (JP), my bad, forgot to take a picture with JP.

JP, who took over Patrick’s Casse Croutes at Park West, let his wife Emma and chef Eric to run O’Bouef a Six Patte at Park West condo here.


OK.  The verdict first.

Food – Very good!

Wine – Very good!

Service – Very good!

Location – Very good!

He says he wanted to open a family style restaurant, and from yesterday feel, it is family style.  Customers here were talking and cheering, and laughing, and enjoying the food.

Let’s talk about the food we ordered.

Pig Head Terrine.  Very nice.  Love it.


Amanda and Julius remembered the “Pig Head”.  3 years ago.


The usual Duck Rillettes.  Still our favourite.  Since Le Bristol to Casse Croutes to Atout.  Nice.  Nice to go with the bread.


This is western lap-cheung.  Those green chilli pickles is really tasty and spicy.  I think this is the cold cut platter.  This dish, I am ok lah.


Oh ya, by the way, we did not order anything.  We just tell JP to Omakase it for us.  “Omakase” means chef feels like what we like to eat, then, chef order the food for us.  hahaha

The Steam Leek Vinaigrette.  Very nicely done.  Love it.


The tempura Frog Leg.  Lovely.  The frog meat inside is tender.  The batter is nice.

IMG_6814 2.jpg

Saucisson with Pistachio and Gizzards.  Wow… I missed this dish.  Very nice.


This is our second bottle.  2007 Pauillac.  Nice wine.  Didn’t manage to remember to take photo of the first bottle.


Our third bottle, not on the wine menu, 2009 Cote Rotie.  Very nice.


Not that Roti.  Boys.


Foie Gras.  Wow, two whole piece of it.  Chef Patrick personally bring this to our table.  I think he remembered what we love to it.  It was great!


This should be the Crispy Black Pudding & Apple Sauce.

OK, what is this black pudding again?


It is pig blood.  He used the pig blood to cook this dish.  It is also one of my favour french dish.  Not sure is it from French, but it is cooked by a french chef.  It taste so good.  hahaha


This should be the Pork sausages.

Chef Patrick make this fresh from the pig he cuts every week.  Now Atout is much bigger restaurant, so I don’t know how many pigs he has to cut each week now.  hahaha But when you eat it, it has similar texture same as those Taiwanese sausages, can feel the meet inside.


This is when my wife went to talk to chef Patrick and ask if he got prepare the dish Kay loves to eat.  He says no.  wahahahahaha.

Before we went to the chef competition, he used to practise making that dish, it is kind of pastry wraps the salmon and veggies inside.  Very nice to eat.  Kay loves it.


See what I mean, very meaty inside.


A potato side dish.


This is the first time I taste this garlic chicken.  Meat very tender and soft.


Here come the forth bottle of wine, 2010 Chateauneuf du Pape.


It goes very well with this meat steak.

Pepper steak, Black Angus Beef Rib Eye. Wow.  I love it.


Look at the meat and the pepper corns.


This is the kind of meat I love to eat.  And it goes well with the wine.


This is indeed a 5 out of 5 stars restaurant.


At the end, the waiter serve us on the house a round of “digestive” liquor.  Not sure what is it, suppose to be good for your stomach.  Yum Seng.

After drinking it, so happy, every one.


We are very glad that chef Patrick came back to open a huge restaurant.

If you like homely french food cooking, this is the place to go.  I have been following him from many years until now.  We love his beef.  We love his cooking.  And the wine selections is nice too.

In case you want to see the menu, here are the menu.

Bon Appetite.





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