Kickstarter – Quick Shoe Lace

Date:  July 2, 2017

We have new shoe laces today.


This is Kay Kay’s shoe.  You see that special shoe lace?  Yeap, it is one of the Kickstarter project I supported.  My problem with Kay Kay is, he is still forever learning how to tie his shoe lace.  And I think he needs another 1-2 years to master it.

So, his mommy tie the shoe lace this way and he loves it!  I remember when I was young I also tied it this way…


This is Jay Jay’s badminton shoes.  So, we also use the same shoe lace for him.


I bought 3 of it.  It is a Kickstarter project.  And it is successfully funded and now it has delivered.


This is the kickstarter link.  So, the cool thing about this is, the shoe lace is elastics.  And you basically tie it and put some tips there.  So that you can actually tie your shoe with one hand.  It is once of a very innovative product.

When I saw it, I immediately supported it.

When you open the shoe lace box, it comes with the long shoe lace.  Basically, you tied the shoe lace at the lowest hole, and tie a dead knot.


These are the tips you placed at the first and second holes.


Let Jay Jay show you how to tie the shoe.  Using one hand.  And they both using it for the badminton shoes.  And they jump a lot during badminton lessons.

The instructions.  Page 1 & 2.


You do need to cut it if it is too long.


This is where you tie the knot.


Done!  Nice product.


Really useful.  And save me all the time to tie the shoe for Kay Kay.  hahaha



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