Robotics Fun – Precision Movement

Date:  July 2, 2017

It is the first day of Robotics class @ Wonder Works at Liang Court.

Today, they learned how to program the Mindstorms robot to do precision movement.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 7.36.49 AM.png

Yeah it works!  The robot move slowly so that every steps is precise.  Slowly pick up the cup with the ball, and bring it back and drop it into another cup.  Cool!

Of course, it is not easy to program.  If it is too fast, too strong, you could not get the cup.  Here is one of the failed attempt.  Because the claw close too fast.  So, it actually push the cup away.  Must slowly grab it.

You also cannot grab the ping pong ball.  This is the second program.  Same thing, it is all about precision programming.  Especially when the ping pong ball can run away easily.

After don’t know how many fixes, improvement and testing, Jay finally did it.  This is an interesting project.

Kay Kay will do a simpler one.  Only grab the cup.


And of course it works.

Jay has been learning Lego Robotics since P1 until now.  It is his 5th year, and he came very long way, to learn the skill to solve problems.  And he is doing this for fun, at the same time training his brain to solve problems.

So, Kay Kay will do the same thing, learn how to solve problem thru robotics class.  He too learn this since K2.


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