Test Your Fitness, How Fit Are You?

Date:  Feb 3, 2013

[UPDATES Feb 3, 8am]  Let’s push a bit harder after yesterday CNY reunion dinner.  

Average 6:41min/KM.  So, after calculation… Y=(720/401)x1000=1.7955KM.


IMG 6706

WOW.  I am now “SUPERIOR”.  Cool for the age group of 40-49.  That makes me feel good.  HaHaHa

Screen Shot 2013 02 03 at 8 30 06 AM



I saw this article on Men’s Health.  

Run for 12 minutes, see how far you got, and then compare.

IMG 0111

Let me see.  

IMG 6603

Let’s do some high school math here…

Let’s assume that my average of 1KM is 07:43min.

7:43 min is 7×60 + 43 = 420 + 43 = 463 seconds

1KM = 1000 Meter

12 min is 12 x 60 = 720 seconds

If 463 seconds I run 1000 Meter, 720 seconds I run how many Meter?

So, this becomes

(1) 463:1000 = 720:Y

(2) 463/1000 = 720/Y

(3) Y = (720/463)x1000

(4) Y = 1555.07559395 Meter

(5) Y = 1.555 KM

IMG 6604

So, according to the table, I am in the 40-49 age group (3rd column), and in 12 minutes, I can run 1.56KM, which makes my fitness level at “GOOD” level and I score 75% in my fitness.  Wow, good to know that… How about you?

Screen Shot 2013 02 03 at 5 27 01 AM

So, after I have sent Jay Jay to the school bus pick up point and if I start run a round at the Faber Park,  Faber Walk and Faber Green, it takes me less than 25 minutes for about 2.77KM.  And after this short run, I still in time to rest, take shower and then send Kay Kay to Lorna Whiston.  So, I have found back a possible fitness routine.  Hope this short run can get me more fitter.  Really hard to find time to exercise ever since Jay Jay went into P1.  

IMG 6605

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