Singapore Badminton School #2

Date:  Feb 2, 2013

This weekend, Jay Jay has to take his Taekwondo grading test in the morning.

IMG 6623

So, I changed his badminton lesson to 11am-1pm.  And he did the exercise together with the senior students. 


But later, his beginner group has only 5-6 people in the class.  It is better than last week, as 9am-11am slot got more students.  With a smaller size class, the coach will have more time to look at each individual student.  So, it is quite good.  I think Jay Jay can learn more from smaller size class.  So, I plan to change him to this smaller class.


The kids are doing warm ups.

IMG 6625

Jay Jay now is more familiar with most of the stretching now.


Of course he runs too on Saturday.


I am sure by now he already reduce 1-2 KG after running during the morning time in the CARE programme.


And little Kay Kay just sit by the side doing his painting on my iPad mini.


With a smaller group, the coach are able to place her attention back onto individual students, so, Jay Jay is doing lots of exercise and routines this week.


Throwing the shuttlecock is seems to be a game to Jay Jay.  But it actually help in making him to learn what is badminton about.


He just love to play the shuttlecock.


OK.  The Nan Hua Primary School security actually come and ask the parents to wait at the canteen instead of upstairs.  So, I have no footage or photos of Jay learning in the badminton court.  Hope he slowly picks up the badminton and learn how to play.  He seem pretty interested in hitting the shuttlecocks.

I just found out that my domestic helper major in PE (Physical Educations).  And she is teaching history and PE in a secondary school back in Philippines.  And she is in her university school team for Badminton and Volleyball.  Her son has recently won #1 from a national table tennis competition in Palau.  And her son, 14 years old this year, has made it to the national youth junior table tennis team.  Her husband actually spent about S$200 for hiring a good coach for her son.  Wow!  So, I asked her to train my son and play with him during afternoon whenever is possible.  Cool!

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