Young Electrician – Jay Jay

Date:  Aug 28, 2016

I would like to share a funny story today.

This is Jay Jay.  He is my son.  He is almost 10 years old.  He loves to fix thing.  And of course, he loves to dissemble things too.

And he is an Electrician.  Hahahahaha


Mommy needs to setup Solar Panel water pump for his Aquaponics and for Pei Tong Primary School project.

So, mommy went to Sim Lim yesterday to source all the material.  The auntie from the Sim Lim battery shop that sell the solar panel taught her how to set up.


It is very simple.  Just follow this diagram and it shall work.


Mommy hook up the system, and try to get the pump to work by directly tapping on to the Solar power.

Hmmmmmmm… Why it does not work????


Jay Jay came and take a look at what she has done.

And then, he pointed out to mommy, “Of course, it does not work!!!”

Mommy said: “Why?”

Jay Jay: ” You did not close the circuit, how you get the pump working?”

And he pointed out the obvious mistake my wife made.

And then, he helped my wife to complete the project testing.


Well done Jay!!!

So, if you don’t put a battery, then, you must close the circuit on the centre two pins here.

Just short a circuit there, will do.  And obviously, the shop auntie did not teach my wife that and that is why his pump is not working.


It is a simple project.  Solar panel goes to the circuit connector, then, it connected to the battery to store power during day time, and then it connected to the water pump (the blue thing).


Jay Jay was so happy that he has helped mommy to solve the circuit problem.

Here is another one they have hook up to try the water pump.

A very simple circuit.  That works.


And now, here comes the REAL Electrical Engineering graduate … me of course, giving my input.

Me: “why the pump has no switch?”

Mommy: “It is like that one.”

Me: “Why don’t you install a switch?”

Mommy: “Switch?  Can meh?”

Me: “Nah… here you go…” (after searching thru my Electrical gadget boxes… for the switch).

And it is very easy, just break a circuit some where, and put this in between.


And of course, Jay Jay is the one going to hook the circuit up.


Hahahaha… And Let Jay Jay demonstrate how to use the Solar powered water pump with backup rechargeable battery.

He feel damn proud of himself after completing this simple real life Solar Panel application.

Good job Jay Jay.  For teaching mommy what is a “close circuit”  hahahahahaha


Some final thoughts…

  1.  I know school syllabus is important.  But if we have any chance at all, we will involve our kids to do even a circuit connection.  This is practical.  They have to learn how to fix thing.  Of course, we have to make sure it is safe.  The battery will not kill human being.  You have to actually hold the battery power for more than a long while to get killed.  hahahaha
  2. They are going to learn electricity god knows when.  But if got chance to expose to it, why not.
  3. Even if they did it wrongly and destroy the parts, don’t scold them ya.

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