Jay’s Bowling Birthday Party

Date:  Oct 11, 2014

Jay Jay turns 8 this week.  So, as usual, we threw a party to get in touch with his friends’ parents.  🙂

All these friends are his buddies from the Lorna Whiston pre-school.  They probably known each other since 6 years ago.

 IMG 2061

Happy Birthday Jay Jay!

IMG 2064

Have to thank coach Jimmy for his patient teaching the kids “what is bowling?”

He helped us to entertain the kids for almost 2.5 hours.

IMG 2066

The kids are very eagerly wanted to be a bowler.

IMG 2069

Coach Jimmy patiently explained how the ball should be thrown out.  All the safety thingy.

IMG 2071

Let’s rock n’ bowl!

IMG 9386

Bigger boy without bumpers.

IMG 9399

Watching anxiously how the ball roll.

IMG 9390

I spare!

IMG 9408

Coach is teaching Kay Kay and Kay Kay just spare.  So Kay Kay is explaining to Coach Jimmy how the pin dropped… haha

IMG 9411

I also get to play a few frames.  hahaha

IMG 9414

Coach patiently teaches each bowler how to bowl.

IMG 9417

This is how you should bowl.

IMG 9431

Now kids, let’s try it.  

IMG 2100

Thanks Chester (professional) for some of the great photos.

IMG 2102

The kids feel like a real bowler today.

IMG 2103

They try every skill to bowl the ball.

IMG 2104

Some felt the ball very heavy.

IMG 2105

Some have monster strength throwing the ball.

IMG 2106

Some did it elegantly.

IMG 2108

Some did it very professionally.

IMG 2109

The kids were having so much fun at the bowling alley.

Meanwhile, the parents are chit chating…

IMG 9432

So young, bring the birthday boy a drink for “Yum Seng?”

IMG 9433

Every one was happy!

IMG 2074

Like this the kids played non-stop for 2.5 hours.

IMG 2076

It’s about to cut the cake time.  So coach ended the bowling session with final talk.  “Must wash hand before eating the cake”.

IMG 2088

His 3KG birthday cake!

IMG 2084

A simple cake.

IMG 9435

He is eight years old.

IMG 9436

He is very happy!

IMG 9439

IMG 9444

These are the kids where they have known each other when they are 18 months old in the K2.

IMG 9448

Let’s cut the cake.


Very happily cutting the cake.

IMG 2097


Happy Birthday Jay Jay!


Here is the very loud Happy Birthday song!

Got to love the parents with smart phones and cameras.

IMG 9461

A memorable birthday party for Jay Jay.  For us, it is very good too.  No need to wash dishes after this.

IMG 2099

Thank you very much uncles aunties and all my friends for attending my party.  — Jay

IMG 2115

We see a totally different Jay this year.  He is more focus in doing everything.  

Especially we are glad that how he learned things on his own from school and tuitions.  

He has grown up!

Happy Birthday Jay Jay!

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