Wireless@SG Compared to SingTel 4G (3 bars)

Date:  Oct 10, 2014

I was at Marine Parade yesterday.

My iPhone was signing into Wireless@SGx Wi-Fi hotspot.

While checking my mail, the hourly glass keep spinning.  And I wonder why?

IMG 2022

I did many times Speedtest.  This result has been consistent.

IMG 2018

I used another Speedtest App to do the test.  The result is unfortunately, consistent.

IMG 2021

So, I turn off Wi-Fi on my phone and allow my iPhone to use the LTE/4G.  It has only 3 bars.

IMG 2023

So, I redo all the test.  And hey, SingTel LTE/4G gave me close to 70Mbps download speed with close to 25Mbps upload speed. 

What was the Wireless@SG speed again?  Less than 2Mbps download speed.

IMG 2024

The result of course is consistent when use a different speed tester.

And hey, it is only 3 bars signal we are talking about.

IMG 2026


1.  Wireless@SG sucks!

2.  I don’t see why Wireless @SG which is a free service, need to exist.  There is no point.

3.  It disgrace the Singapore Internet capability.  Imagine, tourist came to Singapore, and use Wireless@SG at a very snail slow speed.  They go back to their home, they might say “Singapore Internet is very backward, can’t even get a decent 2Mbps download speed.”

4.  Is this what the country want to show the world?  Slow Internet WiFi speed?  

5.  The Internet Access speed is much faster at any of the coffee shop who offer Free WiFi.

6.  Mind as well give the money to SingTel/Starhub/M1 so that they do a better job or subscription plans for the 4G/LTE.

7.  Wireless@SG really sucks!

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