Jay Turns Eight

Date:  Oct 8, 2014

Officially, Jay Jay is eight years old today.

To celebrate this, we went to Poulet @ Westgate to eat the French Roast Chicken.

IMG 1987

It was a delicious meal indeed.  Especially the tasty mashed potato.

IMG 1994

Mommy is in US busy with the separation of H & P.

So, we celebrating Jay Jay birthday with Kay, our domestic helper, i.e. auntie Del and their cousin Eleena jie-jie. 

A simple Chocholate moose pie with a candle on it… 

Happy Birthday Jay Jay!  Happy 8th Years Old!

IMG 2003

Here is the song for you.  Happy Birthday to you!

Make a wish, and blow the candle.  Hope your wish comes true.

IMG 2006

I hope he wishes for a huge gigantic Lego toy.

IMG 1886

Unofficially, of course, he still think he is not 8 years old yet, until his mega party this coming Saturday.  He will turn 8 after all his best buddies celebrated his 8th birthday.. Stay tune for a whole night fun in Bowling!  🙂

IMG 2009

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