Mr. Pumpkin 2014

Date:  Oct 25, 2014

Every year, my wife would bring back a real pumpkin from her US trip.

Don’t ask me how did she do that?  Isn’t the luggage heavy?  But she did bring back another pumpkin this year.

And both Ashlyn & Colette were at our place last night, so, let’s create the latest Mr. Pumpkin!

In no time, all the kids drew and design Mr. Pumpkin 2014.

IMG 2438

Mommy cut open the head, and Jay Jay pull out the brains.

IMG 2439

Eeeeeeee… The brain looks like this huh?

IMG 2443

Light up the candle.

IMG 2450

Turn off the lights.  Eeeew… It’s Spooky indeed.

One big eye, one small eye.

IMG 2451

The kids were so happy to see Mr. Pumpkin comes into live.

IMG 2455

See how they smile to the camera.  It is a memorable night.

IMG 2456

Let’s bring in some nice lighting.  Much better.

IMG 2473

Jay & Ashlyn were classmates for some years at LWPS.  

IMG 2479

Kay & Colette also are schoolmates/classmates at LWPS.  🙂

IMG 2481

Halloween coming this coming Friday, and Happy Halloween!  Mr. Pumpkin 2014!

IMG 2452

Here are the past Mr. Pumpkin photos…

Year 2011

Kay Kay & Mr. Pumkin 2011.  Kay Kay looks so cute and so young!


Jay Jay & Kay Kay with Mr. Pumpkin 2011.


Year 2012

Mr. Pumpkin had a triangle eyes.


Kay Kay try to place Mr. Pumpkin in my toilet and suppose to give me a fright!


Year 2013

We have Mr. Pumpkin A and Mr. Pumpkin B.


The kids love the Pumpkin’s family.


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