Football Game At Home

Date:  Oct 26, 2014

This is the Tabletop Football game I bought today for the kids.  It is < $50.

It is a very good game to have it at home for the kids.  Sometimes better than playing with iPad.

IMG 2622

Let’s unbox it, and assemble the game.

IMG 2623

You will need to take off a piece of the side board, and then, put in the football players.  3 rows facing left and another 3 rows facing right.  Take note, the goal keeper is at the last row of each side.

IMG 2624

Once assembled, it looks like this.  The feel of the handle is right.

IMG 2625

The aim of the football tabletop game is to put the kick the football by moving and spinning the football player stick until you goal it.

IMG 2627

They even come with score board so that you can keep the scores for both side.

IMG 2629

Look at how the football player spinning.  It is fun!

IMG 2635

You can set your own rules.  Some games you can spin hard.  Some games, you set the rules such that you can only “slow” kick the ball without spinning.  If spinning, then, free kick is awarded.

IMG 2636


IMG 2638

Let’s see the kids play the game violently.

They played for almost an hour today.  This is the last game where they asked Mommy’s help as a goal keeper.

IMG 2639

My Comments:

1.  Sometimes you really need to let your kid take a break from Electronic Appliances such as iPad and TV.

2.  Let them play some old timer game.  Such as this football tabletop game.

3.  The kids will enjoy it as it is a multiplayer game.

4.  This ensure kids interacts with each other.  Build the bonding between siblings.

5.  It is good for their eyes too so that they are not too sticky to the TV or iPad screens.

6.  It also increase their skills on fine motor skills.

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