LWPS Lantern Night 2013

Date:  Sep 21, 2013

Yesterday is a busy day.  After spending almost 8 hours with Jay Jay & his friends at Sentosa’s Adventure Cove, immediately I went to buy McDonald Chicken Nuggets and pick up my wife to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Kay Kay’s school at Lorna Whiston.

IMG 7899

Oh, Ms. Joy is making Mua-Zi.

IMG 7900

I only knew yesterday that this boy don’t wear shoe running around the school.  

Which famous person also do that in his younger days, not wearing shoe?

IMG 7905

He always enjoys himself.

IMG 3218

Many parents has arrived.

IMG 3221

Kay Kay wanted his Rocket Engine Plane Lantern.  

IMG 3224

So, it’s daddy’s job to take it down from the display.  Of course, with teacher’s permission.

IMG 3227

Yeah, I am walking with my No. 7 Rocket Engine Plane Lantern.

IMG 3229

This is where parents mingle around.

IMG 3230

This is Kay Kay’s good friend Carina (nick name Na Na).  Look at his Butterfly lantern.  Wow.

IMG 3236

We love it when Pak Rusli making funny face to please the kids.

IMG 3241

Jay, Kay & Pak Rusli’s future national badminton champion.

IMG 3242

All parents are preparing to walk the lantern walk.

IMG 3244

Ai Loon’s and the pink shirt gang.

IMG 3245

Me and my Singapore Flyer lantern.

IMG 3253

Jay Jay and his Angry Bird.  Poor Jay Jay, must be very tired.  After 8 hours spending at Adventure Cove running around.

IMG 3255

Like this we walk one big round the Winchester Road.

IMG 3251

My rocket plane flying.

IMG 3267

Finally, food.  This is lots of food we talking about.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 7927

Lot’s of choice.  

IMG 3270

That concludes one fun night again with the Lorna Whiston’s kids.

IMG 7923

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