Robotics Motorbike

Date:  Sep 21, 2013

This blog is the first blog I used embedded Vimeo videos.  I found that the videos uploaded to Vimeo has much lesser footprint and much higher quality.

OK.  This week, the kids need to design a motorbike, attached to the NXT so that it can run around a pivot point.  There is a small ramp that the motorbike will jump up to, and then, it will be sensed by the motion sensor, and play a sound file.

IMG 7973

This is what Jay Jay has designed.

IMG 7976

The motor bike looks very cool.

IMG 7977

Let’s put it to work.

IMG 7981

Jay Jay is happy that his motorbike can be stopped by pressing the button. 

Let’s try it again.

Look at this amazing 4 spikes gear.  

And finally, he got the sound file working.

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