Mid-Autumn Festival

Date:  Sep 20, 2013

It is nice to have some friends living near by.

Jay Jay “self-invite” himself to his best friend’s house yesterday.

Let’s bring a wine over to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.

IMG 7762

First, let’s check out the fish tank.  

IMG 7766

Wow!  A lot of prawns & shrimps.  And there are also tons of small little shrimps too.

IMG 7768

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival night, and it is also Lukas’ birthday.  Today, he become Superman.

Happy Birthday Lukas!

IMG 7775

Very happy as Jay Jay can drop by celebrating the birthday.

IMG 7779

After that, let’s go downstairs.

IMG 7794

We did not buy a lot of fancy lanterns.  We used this most traditional lanterns.

IMG 7796

All the lanterns are light up, let’s go.

IMG 7807

Jay & Kay.

IMG 7818

Oh cool.  There is a lantern floating in the pool.

IMG 7824

Let’s go the the Ulu Pandan River side to play the sparkles.

IMG 7843

Jay & his sparkles.  Look behind, is that a bright moon?

IMG 7847

It’s fun to have the kids playing together on Lantern night.  The Lantern night is different from the previous one.  It is much more fun, and the kids will remember it.

IMG 7853

Of course, mommy will remember yesterday night when she daisy chain all the “Whistle” sparkles together and then, create so loud whistle bang and smokes all flown into the Condo.

A resident came out say “You guys are too loud.  You guys just waked both my children.  The children were sleeping and you waked them up.  We stay in this Condo. That unit.  …. @!#%!@$#!@^%!$#@!@% …. I love the Mid-Autumn Festival, but this is too much.   So please… “

IMG 7860

OK.  Message noted.  And the time is 9:15pm, so, we wrapped up the day, went home.  The kids of course are happy and they have sweet dreams.

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