Common Sense Vs. Science

Date:  Sep 20, 2013

Today is Gold iPhone Day, so, CONGRATS to all those about-to-be Gold iPhone owners today.

Today story is a story I like.

From time to time, as a parent we need to observe our kids, see how they grown up.  

This is just a story to make your day bright.


The Tea-Tree Oil Bottle Story

This is tea tree oil.  You can get it from Watson.

It is a very good oil to apply to your skin when your skin is itchy because of mosquito bite or some insects bite.

IMG 7863

Today, mommy dropped the bottle on the floor and it cracked.

IMG 7866

So, in order to save the remaining oil in the cracked bottle, mommy take out an empty cosmetic bottle.  And she is trying to drip all the remaining oil inside.

IMG 7867

Jay Jay was eating his breakfast.  While watching what mommy doing.

Mommy complaint: “So slow”

IMG 7870

Jay Jay says: “Open to cover la, it will drip faster?”

Mommy shocked.  And she open the cover.

IMG 7869

And after she did that, the dripping is really faster.

Mommy scratching her head.

If you open cover, drip the normal way, because there is a small crack behind, the liquid oil will not drip down.

That is why he has to hold it in hand and cover it and drip from the other side.

But after Jay Jay told her to open the cap and drip the same way as before, the dripping is faster.

Jay Jay says: “Of course la, the air push inside the bottle and it come out faster.”

IMG 7868

Mommy come to see me and told me about it.  And said “Jay Jay’s Science Knowledge is very good.”

So, as parents, we must investigate how on earth that he knows that?

Is it common sense?

Good Jay, Quick thinking.  

Later I explained to my wife.  This is not science knowledge, it is common sense.  remember, we have tons of water play toys for both Jay and Kay, and every since young, they play by the pool side, they play by the bath tub, part of their childhood are build on playing these toys.

An empty shampoo bottle can be a toy to them.  They fill it with water, the turn the bottle around, and water come out at normal pace.

Some toys has bottle cap at both end.  so, if you fill in water in those toys, open one small hole at the bottom, water drip slowly.  

If you also open the top cap, water drip down fast.  

So, they probably don’t know how the science work, but they sure know it runs faster.

IMG 7872

So, this is the good time to explain to your kid about the theory of it.  🙂

Let me think how I explain to Jay Jay later.

But good job Jay Jay!

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