Kay Kay Grasshopper No. 7 Rocket Engine Plane Lantern (Recycle Material)

Date:  Sep 18, 2013

Why is it always Daddy’s job when it comes to designing the lantern?

But as always, I will be glad to help Kay Kay design.

What?  With 1x Pepsi Bottle.  Must be recycle material.

What??? Today must bring to school?????

OK.  No problem.

Come Design engineer, help me to think!

IMG 7662

We shall make use of one 1.5L bottle.  Kay Kay, go to the recycle bin and pick one up for me.

IMG 7665

Definitely we need some boxes.

IMG 7669

Idea can come from Disney Planes.  We can build a wing.  Kay Kay, please help to cut some card board.

IMG 7712

OK.  Good.  We have 3 wings.  Wait a minute, Dusty Crophopper does not have 4 wings.  Why are we building a plane that has 4 wings?

IMG 7670

I have no idea what is on this kid’s head.

IMG 7673

Daddy, we can use the lightsaber?

IMG 7675

Wait a minute…. DING!! DING DING DING!!!


Where is Jay Jay’s lightsaber?  We bought the two light sticks from Garden by the Bay the other day when we visited their lantern display.

IMG 7676

Let’s give Dusty two Laser Jet Rocket Engines.

IMG 7677 

How to tie the wings together?  With two golf tees…

IMG 7679

That’s good idea. 

IMG 7684

Go find more for papa.

IMG 7692

Looks like a plane now.

IMG 7686

We need needle and threads…

IMG 7689

Let’s sew the plane together.

IMG 7690

That’s hard work.

IMG 7691

Kay:  “Daddy, I put two balls in.  They are the passengers.”

IMG 7694

Kay: “Daddy, Goat Milk bottle cap can be the tyre.”

IMG 7703

Kay: “Ko Ko got so many rubber eraser never use.  Let’s reuse.”

It’s Canada on one wheel.

IMG 7707

And Korea on the other wheel.

IMG 7706

Kay: “I go to school with mommy.  You help finish it!”

So, I have to draw the eyes.

IMG 7700

Write his big name.  It’s Kay Kay Grasshoper!

IMG 7698

Build the stick.

IMG 7695

Draw No. 7 on it.

And finally it is done.  A recycle plane.

IMG 7696

The plane lantern has two rocket engine that will glow lights at night.

IMG 7701

See the rocket light?

IMG 7702

And it is done.  

Complete this in 1 hour time.  Kay Kay only help build for 35 minutes.  

Now, have to deliver it to Lorna Whiston Pre-School before going to work.

May I present Kay Kay Grasshopper No.7 Rocket Engine Plane.

IMG 7709

Oh wait… last touch up…  … hahaha he earns it.  Because he only spent 35 minutes, so I only draw on 1 wing.  hahahaha

IMG 7713

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