Art Boot Camp Drawings Sep 15, 2013

Date:  Sep 17, 2013

Always learn new things when I go to the Art Boot Camp.

1.  Acrylic can be used on a canvas.  Cool!

IMG 7580

2.  You can use a chalk to draw the outline of the shadow.  If you don’t like it, you can easily wipe it off.  WOW, that is amazing.  I did not know about it.

IMG 7583

I always have a very good feeling that Jay Jay will produce a very nice painting if he draw sunlight, using orange, yellow and red.

Here, his teacher teaching him how to use a chalk to draw the outline.

IMG 7581

After he drew the shadow of the bridge… He signs his art piece.  

IMG 7587

Both of them did very well.  I like.

IMG 7589

This is our art gallery in the kids room.

IMG 7551

This is at the wall outside the kitchen near the entrance.

IMG 7552

Always hang your kid’s art work.  This will make them think that both parents think they did a good job in this.  And this sort of encourage them to draw better, learn better.

This week is Ms. Tina’s last week of working in Art Boot Camp.  Ms Tina has been Kay Kay art teacher @ Art Boot Camp since day 1.  Kay Kay will miss her.

Next week, Jay Jay’s teacher also leaving.  

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