My Raspberry Pi Camera

Date: Sep 2, 2021

This is the unmodified JPG photo taken straight from my Raspberry Pi Camera that me and Jay build.

The Bokeh is OK too!

Quality of the photo is OK too!

I am using the HD camera module for Raspberry Pi.

My home made camera from the scratch using Raspberry Pi.

我很丑但我很Powerful!! So, the new Raspberry Pi HD camera module comes with C-Mount. So I also buy a c-mount 16mm 10MP f1.4-16 lens to go with it.

The casing is created and modified by Jay. So that I can put my Raspberry Pi 4 on to it with the camera module and mount the lens on it.

Behind I attached a LCD screen onto it as my Viewfinder.

With adjustable focus ring. Check out the focus.

The quality is quite ok!

Last month, I went to Shopee and buy a battery UPS module to supply power to the Raspberry Pi. It is a small battery that can last about 20-30min. But it is suffice for me to play around with it.

This is the UPS module for the Raspberry Pi.

This UPS module comes with On-Off switch too.

You can charge with USB-C or MicroUSB port.

OK, it is a bit ugly to have a USB cable connecting like that. But it does the job.

Power on, your camera will start.

I asked Jay to print a button holder for me. And now, I have a shutter button. Hahahaha. So, crude but it does the work.

Every time you press the button, it save the JPG file in a designated directory.

The shutter button is really simple. hahaha

And you need less than 25 lines of codes to make it work. That’s it. That’s all the code.

So, I used VNC to connect to my Raspberry Pi to do the actual coding and testing. Then, I enable the Samba to connect my Mac mini to the photo directory and copy the photos.

Since it is Raspberry Pi 4, so the access via WiFi is fast.

This concluded my Raspberry Pi Camera project started during the lock down period. hahahaha

The photo quality is not that bad. For a camera we build from scratch.

What do you think? Of course, all these photos are original unmodified photos ya.

After editing… Become more vibrant. hahaha

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