Thai Basil Pork cooked using Hitachi Microwave Oven MRO-NBK5000E

Date: Aug 3, 2021

Today we are going to try something new. And it is very interesting.

My Hitachi Microwave Oven (NBK-5000E) comes with a baking pan. The baking pan is used to make bread.

Today we will use it to stir fry our That Basil pork. What???? Baking pan is there to make dough, how can it be used to make a dish?

Let’s find out!!!!


1. Ground Pork – 300g

2. Chinese cooking wine – 1x spoonful

3. Soya sauce – 1x spoonful

4. sugar – 1x teaspoon

5. Fish sauce – 1 or 1/2 teaspoon

6. Garlic – some

7. Chilli – some

8. Thai or sweet Basil – some

9. Kiefer lime – some


Cut some garlic.

Put garlic in a bowl and put in some oil. Then put the bowl into the Microwave oven. Set 600W for 2min. Cover the bowl with a piece of kitchen paper.

This is how you brown your garlic using the microwave oven.

This dish is called Thai Basil Potk. So we need Thai Basil. Unfortunately the Thai Basil in my garden upstairs is still in its infancy. So I can only use so little of it.

Peel them.

Since we don’t have enough Thai Basil, and I could not get it from the three super market down stairs. So I decided to put in some Kiefer leaves since I have quite some in the garden.

Let’s cut it too.

A spoonful of Chinese cooking wine.

I use this spoon.

A spoonful of soya sauce.

A teaspoon of fish sauce.

A teaspoon of sugar.

Some chilli.

Cut it into stripes. remove the seeds. You can keep the seeds if you don’t want your dish to be too spicy.

Then cut it even smaller.

Of course we need the 300g of ground pork. Don’t use to much because the mixing blade inside the baking pan is quite small.

Put all the ground pork inside the baking pan.

Put the garlic oil inside.

Oh ya. This is how the baking pan looks like.

Use chopstick to stir it well evenly.

Then put everything inside except the Thai basil leaves. mix it well.

Yup! Mix inside the baking pan.

Cover it with the baking pan cover.

Remove the ceramic pan. Place in the baking pan base.

Place the baking pan inside and lock it.

Make sure the water is pour out. We are not using the steam function.

Ok. choose Bakery Function – Knead/Mix – go to page 4/4 – select Risotto. (Auto function 048)

Ok. You must be wondering, why Risotto????

Well, if you look carefully… they using the baking pan to make Risotto. it it takes about 42min to make Risotto.

And if you look at the Ingredients, they are using the baking pan to stir it with heat.

So why can’t I use it to stir fry my pork??? So let’s do it.

So it takes 42min to make the Risotto. It should take lesser time to stir fry my pork.

So, I decided to take a look at my pork after 20-21min has passed. just open the microwave oven door and let’s check it.

Wow! It looks great!!! It looks really really good.

Take a look inside. Wow. The juice. Did you see it? The meat is white in color. It’s perfect! Now put in my limited edition Thai Basil leaves. And mix it. You can eat the Thai Basil raw.

Air looks really nice.

It goes so well with the brown rice.

It was so good and by the time I remember to take photo, it is already almost gone! Hahaha my family finished it in no time ya.

What I want to show you is the sauce. Can you see the essence of the pork is inside the sauce? If you use a wok to stir fry it you normally won’t see this. Only when you slow cook then you will see it. The juice is actually excellent!!

So, another successful dish cooked using the Hitachi Microwave Oven.

It is simple to cook. No making a mess in your kitchen. Simply use the microwave oven to cook and you can foresee a guaranteed result of good taste every time. It won’t go wrong!!


  1. Hi miniliew,
    I have been researching on HITACHI MICROWAVE OVEN MRO-NBK5000E and came across your blog where you’ve used the product to cook and it seems you’ve been owning the product for long time. Wondering if you could share your experience about this product.
    Especially the Gyoza program, where I read from “” – the gyoza was indeed juicy and moist but the browning was uneven. A good handful had almost no browning, while some were a burnt and hard.
    Also, does your MRO-NBK5000E microwave oven has the same problem as the blogger, Savvy Aunty’s MRO-AV200E microwave oven ( where the outer black coating of the edges of the groove for the trays to insert and rest started to rubbed/worn off after several weeks of using the product?
    According to Savvy Aunty, the unique feature of her MRO-AV200E oven is that the microwave function does not use a turn-table like most microwave ovens (MRO-NBK5000E also has NO turn-table?). It uses the special internal coating to reflect the microwaves. Therefore, the black coating being rubbed off after several weeks of use means the microwave function is slowly wearing off too?.
    I hope to hear comments from you as you are the real user of the product. Appreciate and thanks.

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