MarioKart Live Home Circuit – Unboxing

Date: Oct 30, 2020

Two weeks ago, Nintendo launch MarioKart Live Home Circuit game. I saw the news and I bought both Mario and Luigi set from Amazon. Well, this is that kind of gaming gadget that will make the gamers smile, and me and kids are not travelling this year, so, mind as well spent the travelling $$ into this game. By now, I suspect that all the stocks are gone. And I think could get it in Singapore yet. So, I have to asked Amazon ship to Starky and ask Starky ship back to Singapore. As Amazon won’t ship directly to Singapore. And I have to pay some S$57 of GST tax too for both cars. (Please don’t ask me where or which store I got it from, they all run out of stocks, just some random shops listed in Amazon search).

After playing a few rounds on simple tracks and complicated tracks, we all immedietaly fall in love with this game. Hahahahaha Lots of laughter and lots of fun!

What is this game? Every set (either Mario Set or Luigi Set) comes with a RC (remote control) car with a camera attached to the car.

It also comes with four gates. And two arros signboards.

You might have guessed it correctly. And yes, you still play the MarioKart on your Nintendo switch. But the Nintendo Switch is actually controlling the RC cars. And you drive the circuit in your house. Yup, on the sceen of the Nintendo Switch, the camera will project the tracks on to what it (RC cars) see in your house. You can design simple track, or you can design complicated tracks that goes under sofa, dining table, into the kitchen, come out from the study room, etc. Whatever imagination you have.

Now, with our human eyes, we see the RC cars (Mario & Luigi) are racking actually not so fast. BUT BUT BUT, on the screen itself, It is fast.

Here come Jay Jay explaining why… “Daddy, this is because we are standing looking at the running RC car, and our eyes is furthur away, so, it is like wide angle camera, so, everything seems slow. But the camera on the car itself is low, and very near the floor, so, it becomes fast moving.” I then “Ohh… I see….”.

Here are the RC cars. You can charge the battery by USB port. And We actually played a lot a lot of rounds. In fact, the kids are still playing as of me writing this blog entry. So, it is quite lasting.

You can see the camera on top of Luigi and Mario. That is the camera that sees the road and track and the surrounding of our home. Hahahaha

Let’s see the game play. It is fun. hahahaha

Let’s see how to setup the track. Very simple.

Then, you setup the track. By just driving your car to go one round passing thru each gate number from 1 to 4. As you can see from the Nintendo Switch screen, the car simply just have pink paint on its tyre and when you drive one round, it created the race track in your house.

Then, you drive your RC car on the race track that you have just created. I am surprise to see that on the Nintendo Switch the game is actually playable. The lagging is not less, and you just drive as per you playing the real MarioKart like that.

Now, let’s see the screen play of the MarioKart driving.

Let me try it on my Nintendo Switch.

OK, now, you need to pair the MarioKart RC Car to your Nintendo Switch.

Very simple design. You just point the MarioKart RC Car remote camera towards the QR code on the screen. And voala… Its paired.

And it is connecting…

Did you see what I see? Yes, my home… its the race track.

Let’s create my Driving License. Again, use the MarioKart RC Car remote camera to take a photo of your self by pointing the camera at your face.

Hahaha… I am kind of suck at this!!! hahahaha

OK, I think, I am ready. Kay, let’s host the game and I will join in.

OK, we are ready! Let’s trial run first. Jay, please take the video…

Oh ya, you know you can throw turtle shells and banana and squid ink too in this race. And once hit the opponent will slow down. You can also pick up coins. Just like the normal MarioKart game.

And I win!!!!!

Hahahaha… I actually enjoy the game a lot.. hahaha

It is fun!

Jay Jay, now, let you play, and I take the video. hahaha

And Kay win!!!

So, this is another game featuring Jay and Kay.

Then, I asked them to design a more complicated race track.

And here I have it.

It is very fun lor.. hahaha

Let’s Jay Jay race with Kay Kay on the new longer race track that goes under sofa and into Jay Jay study area.

Now, let Jay Jay classmate play with Kay Kay.

So as a summary, the game play is good. The battery life surprisingly is good. The fun is there. The key is to design funny race track based on your imaginations and creativity. My kids enjoyed it very much.

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