Jay Can Cook – Fire Torched Beef Rice (Gyu Don)

Date: Oct 17, 2020

Now, you can make your own Gyu Don (Beef Rice) at home. Very simple.

All you need is nice ground beef. I got this from Don Don Donki. Their ground beef comes in cubes. Cute right? I cooked spaghetti with these beef too. Very nice.

It is best served with Japanese Rice. Other rice not nice.

So, you need a couple of these, and smack it flat.

Evenly cover the rice with the Wagyu ground beef. It is best to have a thin layer. Not too thick. But depends on how you want it uncooked. It is totally up to you. You can place slice beef too if want.

Make sure you dig a shallow hole in the middle. Later I tell you why. Let’s check out how is Jay doing.. by right, only need to cook the middle part first. That is first stage. Hahaha But okay la.

How about put an Japanese egg in there. Get those eggs from Don Don Donki too. It labeled as “Can eat Raw” eggs. Usually Japanese bought these eggs to eat it raw. Remember the middle got a hole? Yep, there is where you place your egg.

OK, we are done! Here’s the deal…. use the kitchen torch and keep a distance between the flames and the beef. You do not want to burn your beef. Torch it in circular motion. Then inside out, outside in. Always in circular motion.

Let’s see how Jay do it. (Which is not so right, but Ok la!)

Let’s review Science 101. Where is the hottest inside a flame. Got it?? You know what to do for not burning the beef or rice or egg.

Let’s continue on Chef Jay. He is making his own Gyu don. Then you put some nice sauce. We got the sauce from Don Don Donki too.

He is very comfortable with all the kitchen ware. And I am sure he will turn out to be a good cook for the family.

Also, you can place all sort of Chilli powder to give a hint of spice for your Gyu Don.

It is done! Nice ya!

How you eat it? Break the egg in the middle and then stir stir stir.

One big happy kid!! Hahahaha

OK, now, let me prepare Kay’s Gyu Don. This one we use again Wagyu Beef from Don Don Donki.

Cut it into think slices. And place it onto of the Japanese rice.

Light the torch, and cook. Remember, keep a distance between the flame and beef. Don’t burn the rice and beef.

Kay likes to eat it 80% cook. So, what I did is merely just flip the beef over. For me, I like it this one, for Kay, he lights both side cooked.

Now, you put in the sauce. And cook one more round. Remember, don’t burn the beef and rice. Done!

This is Kay’s lunch. The oil from the Wagyu beef melted and absorbed inside the rice.

Let’s eat, and see what is the verdict.

Without fail, two thumbs up.

OK, I also cook a bowl for myself. This is my bowl. Of course, mine looks the best la.

This is my Gyu Don lunch. Simple to make, delicious to eat. High quality food.

Mine is 1/2 taw. So you can see the meat is half cook, a bit burn, half raw. Again, break the egg, and stir the bowl and eat. I finished it within 2min.

Of course, you can add anything you want. This is few weeks ago, I place in RAW grade scallop also from Don Don Donki. It is nice too. At the end of video, my helper came in to add more rice. Hahaha. Because it is too nice.

Many weeks ago, I also bought raw salmon belly (with fish oil) to do it. But this one must slow cook it don’t over cook the fish. So, fire control is very important. My son is a bit scare at that time. Because I macam like going to burn the whole house like that. Hahaha

People who knows me well, I really don’t like to spent so much time in the kitchen. So, all my cooking is always very easy and fast. Enjoy.

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