Ken Can Cook – Crispy & Steamy Korean Gyoza

Date: August 10, 2020

I learned something new the other day.

I have been using my Amway’s iCook cookware for so long but I didn’t realize that I could “fried” something from starting to heat up the iCook pan using “normal temperature” cooking oil.

See, from young, we were taught to heat up the wok and bring it to a hot temperature. Then, put the cooking oil, let it heat up. Then, you put your ingredients in it. In this way, your food will not “stick” to the pan!!!

This new method of cooking opens up a lot of different dishes. Just look at my Gyoza… the bottom part is golden color and crispy, the top and inner part is steamy just like you steam the gyoza.

Today I am going to use this new method to cook my Korean Gyoza. Let’s see how it goes.

Again, this dish is so easy to do. People who knows me, I don’t like to spent so much time in my kitchen. So, usually all the food I like to prepare is fast and easy and tasty.

So, to do this dish, go NTUC to buy Pork & Vegetable Crispy Dumplings.

I just realize that today I didn’t use the same Dumplings/Gyoza from NTUC. I actually bought a few other packs from Amazon Prime. This is another brand.

Both tasted very good. So, as long as s they have the word “Crispy” on it. It won’t go wrong.

Of course, you can use your normal way of cooking. The instruction is behind the package.

Now, let me explain my method of cooking. Take a look at the video and don’t blink your eyes. It is that simple.

First, put some cooking oil onto the iCook pan. Put enough as a thin layer of cooking oil cover the whole pan.

You notice that I have not turn on the fire yet. The cooking oil is at room temperature. (What????)

Secondly, take the dumplings out from the freezer, and place the dumpling onto the iCook pan with a thin layer of cooking oil. (What???????)

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. No need to defrost the dumplings. I told you, my method is easy right?

Place the dumplings nicely. Try not to touch each other.

Cover the lid. And turn on the fire. Small fire (minimum fire). Yeah, you heard it right. Smallest possible fire.

Walk away to do your thing.

The iCook pan will heat up slowly. It will heat up the cooking oil slowly to the hottest temperature. It will then make use of its signature technology, produce a “Vapor Seal” around the pan, so that the heat will not escape, but it indicates that the food or whatever ingredient inside is “fully” cooked. The vapor seal will allow the lid cover to spin freely.

So, if you cannot spin the lid cover, means the food inside not fully cooked (have not reach the cooked temperature).

See the video, then, you know what I mean. Spin freely the lid cover.

Our dumplings / Gyoza is ready. See, how easy it can be taken off from the pan.

It does not stick to the pan!!!!!!

Remember? We start cooking it from a normal temperature cooking oil and cold pan.

A nice dish. Crispy at the bottom. Steamy at the top and inner part.

Let’s see how it taste.

Just listen to the crispy sound. the bottom part is so crispy.

This video below is from the crispy dumpling breakfast today. The video above is last week. Just listen to the sound of crispiness. Hahahahaha

This is from afternoon lunch. I make it for Jay to try. Same crispy dumplings.

Very simple meal, if you do it correctly, it is crispy at the bottom, and steamy done in the middle.

The most important thing is the middle meaty part is juicy.

This is how I made my crispy dumplings. Do you enjoy listening to the crispy sounds of my crispy gyoza?? Hahahahaha I think my family no longer want to order gyoza from any restaurant outside after tasting my crispy gyoza. Hahahahahaha

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