Ken Can Cook – Pork Ball Soup

Date: August 10, 2020

This is an interesting dish. I was watching some Chinese Food TV show, and I saw this dish as one of the famous breakfast in China. So, I decided to try it out myself.

This pork ball soup is from Jian’s Xi – Nan Chang. And you can have lots of variations. Basically, you can make it into a simple pork ball, or you can paste the group pork at the bottom, and then, add things such as salty egg, squid, prawns, onto it.

From the Food TV show, it seems it is easy too cook. Let’s try it out the Ken’s version.

I have 500g of ground pork in the freezer. So, defrost it. And add only salt to marinate it.

Now, this is going to looks a bit crazy as it seems, all you need to do is to make the ground pork into a ball and put it into a mug with water (that’s your soup. Easy enough? It is crazily easy to make this dish.

Actually, from the Food TV show, you don’t even have to make it into a ball like what I did. But I just like to make it this way. so that the outer part of the pork ball is bouncy when you eat it. Hahaha

Once done, place the pork ball gently into a mug with clear water. Well, you can use chicken stocks I guess. But I just use clear water to show how easy you can cook it.

I tried putting some Shaoxing cooking wine, but it does not taste good. So, the best is to cook it with clear water.

Don’t even need to put any soy sauce, pepper, salt etc. Just clear water will do.

Then, I placed the mugs into my wok. I am using Amway’s iCook wok here. So, what I did is to put some water into the wok so that I can double boil the soup and at the same time steam the pork ball soup in a mug.

Cover the lid, and cook from cold, using small medium fire.

This magical iCook will tell you when the food is fully cooked by seeing if you can turn and spin the lid. Don’t ask me how? Why? Because I don’t know the exact science behind it. I only know when the lid can be spin, that means my food is fully cooked. Hahahaha

But if you don’t have iCook, then, roughly 20 minutes, the pork soup should be cooked. Be careful not to overcook it, because if the pork is too hard, very hard to eat. So, it has to be just cooked that type of pork. Hahaha

It’s done. Wow. Lovely.

Be careful when you take it out from the wok. Hahaha my helper helps.

There you go. It is like a small bowl of soup.

Now, you know the reason why I use a mug, right? Easy to take. Hahaha because it is very hot.

Add some green onions and a little of white pepper, it becomes a very nice cup of soup. Look at the huge meat ball.

It’s yum yum. Let’s find a food taster.

Hi Jay, what do you think?

Of course, he loves it. And he took another mug from the round #2 pork ball soup.

The pork ball is hot. So, be careful not to burn your tongue. Hahaha

So, this dish is so easy to do. Marinate fresh ground pork with salt, make it into pork ball, simmer it in a mug for 20minutes. Add in green onion to garnish. And that’s done.

There are a lot variation you can do. You can add in ginger, you can add in bitter gourd. Whatever you like, but I like it this way. Simple. The soup base is very 清淡 (clear and nice). The meat is tender and bouncy.

I taught this to my helper, and she now can cook some simple soup for us. I told her, can even place chicken wings in the mug to cook the chicken soup. Hahaha oh ya, just in case you wondering what I like to cook, you can search “Ken can cook” & “miniliew” on my blog so to get all the simple way of cooking. Hahaha Have fun!

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