Japan 2019 – Day 7 (Part 1 – The Boat Ride @ Kyoto)

Date: Dec 21, 2019

This is our second day in Kyoto. Yesterday we visited Kinkakuji. So, today, we are going to take the romantic train, ride the boat, and visit the bamboo garden.

And there are so many photos and videos to be included. So, we need to break the photo journal into two parts.

But first, we need good breakfast.

Lovely breakfast.

From the Onsen Hotel.

Planing ahead. We must take the 1pm board ride.

Let’s hope onto the train. The Chen family lovely couple.

Ah… they started to take photos from the Romantic train.

And this is what we passed by. Wow. Lovely water.

But not so sure if we an take such a nice green from the boat ride or not.

Here are some of the boat ride videos.

It is a 2-hours board ride. And the initial part has lots of bumpy rides. So, they cover the boat.

Let’s do a selfie.

Our first bumpy ride.

The second bump. Looks like every one is just expecting the bumpy water ride. It is not as dangerous as the white water rafting, but you can feel the bumps.

As you can see, they are very skillful.

The woos and ahsss…

I thinks this must be the last few bumps. I am using Dualgram to record the video from both front and back camera. I thought it would be more fun to see my face or the other side of the people faces. Hahaha

Hahaha… so, we continue to woo and ah…

Let’s take a selfie.

Finally the excitement is gone. And they start to take off the “shelters”. And we can all stand up. I think the last part of the ride is steady ride.

And he called both Kay and Kay En to go up to the front of the boat there. Hahaha… Cool…

And he asked for our iPhones.

Wow… Envy, nice photos from the front of the boat.

I also want but I think we too heavy.

Let’s take a selfie to remember this moment.

And Jay photo bomb in.

This is the kind of boat we sitting.

They take turns to do the rolling.

I like the water splashes.

Add in some colors. Notice that the splashes is almost the same.

The water is as green as just now we seen it from the train.

Bumpy ride comes in.

Along the way, we have seen many bridges. We will try to take a picture or two of these bridges we passed.

More water splashes.

More splashes.


Freeze the water.

Wow. Look at the color.

Another bridge.

The water is still green.

Another bridge.

More bridges.

Very simple design and do the job.

Or bird. Showering.

Still green water.

Another bridge. Boring right?? Just imagine, 2-hours ride.

small water falls.

We are almost reaching the ending point.

Hi Kay.

Another bridge coming up ahead.

The romantic train.

The boat.


Hi Kayden.

Let’s take a photo here. So happy. Because we are reaching the end point soon? After the boring 2-hours ride?

But still everyone is happy.

More houses beside the river.

There, they taking the photo at the front of the boat.

So happy.

Very happy face.

This is the photo they took.

It’s December, we can still see the orange color leaves.

Another bird.

We are finally here.

So happy.

Or, some ah Pek make a small remote control boat just like the one we sitting on.

Bye bye and thank you. See the water is so clear. And how they bring the boat back up stream??? Last time a long time ago, they uses ropes and pull the boat back up.

Now, we don’t know. Happy kids.

Another set of photos.

He looks quite fun. does not know English, but speak in Japanese.

I just love both of their smile.

Ah Pek so handsome.

Ben and Lee Hooi.


The greenish water.

Jay with amaze look.

The romantic train.






So, I must say. It is really boring to take the boat. But if you don’t take it, you wont see the river from another angle.

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