Japan 2019 – Day 7 (Part 2 – Bamboo Forest)

Date: Dec 21, 2019

OK, finally, I think this shall be the last of my photo journal for my Japan vacation 2019 trip. Nothing much happen on the last day, as we are traveling and shopping in BIC Camera and Yodobashi. As well as gaming time at these location. Hahahaha

Back to the second part of day 7. After that boring 2-hours boat ride, it is about 3pm. And we are hungry.

There is this Tofu restaurant which is very nice Tofu food around here. So, we end up here.

It is very healthy food.

Tofu. Initially, you will do “Cheh” eat tofu.

But later you found out that you cannot stop eating the tofu. It is so rich and so nice.

And end up when we come back to Singapore, we start hunting for Kyoto tofu. And we tried two types carried by Don Don Donki and both are excellent.

They simply put the main dish, tofu in a big pot, with seaweed soup. That’s it.

Or is it because we too hungry?

Even Jay ate a lot of tofu.

Very nice.


Their tempura is also super nice.

Small dish.

Small tofu.

This is outside of the restaurant.

The decor is nice.

soup Tofu. This is the restaurant we ate.

Nice. Each pack set meal is 3000+ yen.

Then, we are looking for the Bamboo forest. We have to ask people how to get there.

We found the street. So walk further in is the Bamboo forest. I think so.

And we found it.

Selfie time. 4:45pm Liao. Getting dark.

Oh… a cartoon character.

So, we waste no time to take all the nice bamboo photos.

The sky is getting darker. And I didn’t bring my tripod. So, everything has to be very still.

Jay, quick take some photos first.

Of course, must wait for people to walk pass then has a nice background.

Here is Kay en and Auntie Lee Looi.

Mommy and Kay Kay. I have bump up the colors already.

Nice. Boosted exposure with better colors.

Because it is too dark, so have to apply some filter. Bamboo start looking very fake green.

This one still nice.

This one fake fake green.

Let’s put uncle Ben in it. Still ok.

This one nice la.

So, I tried very hard to remain my ISO to 200, and take longer shutter speed with steady hand and biggest aperture. I think my biggest is F2.8. But the color looks just nice.

Let’s take more pictures.

Once you get comfortable with the settings, you spent no time and ask every one inside the photo.

It looks great now.

Of course, I still need to use Lightroom to post process the photos.

Mommy and Kay selfie.

Me but Kayden photo bombed me.

Me myself. Yeah.


The surrounding also got some nice things to take picture of.

This is the Luo Han.

Another nice bamboo.

Boost the color and light a litter.


Me again.

After processed.



I think the sky is already very dark.

That is why the skin tone is yellowish Liao.

Finally, we are on our way back.

The bamboo forest is nice.

Ah the Romantic train again. Look closely, it is really called Romantic Train.

Hi Jay, can you stand there for a while, I want to take photo of…

The two young lady behind.

They are cute.

The “What The…” face???

Ah, now , I want to take the Romantic train behind.

Very tired after a day of boat ride and walking.

Pass by a bread store, lets take some bread.

We heard this is nice.

Got so many diff flavors.

Cannot decide what to buy.

And finally, dinner time. Cheers.

Kids can gathered to play.

Eat something simple?


It’s Kobe Beef.

They also having the beef.

Very nice.

Juicy too.

And the desserts is fabulous.



Victory. Eating desserts.

This is the one we eating. After 1-hour of gaming.

From here, walking back.

Nice cool weather.

Oh ok the Christmas tree.

And the stairs all light up with lights.

And the Kyoto Tower. Today is our last night in Kyoto. So, we heading back to Osaka tomorrow. I still like the Bamboo forest. It is so green.

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