Gadget – PeriPage (World’s First Portable Inkless Printer)

Date:  Feb 27, 2019

Long long time I have not bought any gadget.  That is probably because I have not seen any nice gadget at all that catch my eyes.  Except for this one … which I received it recently.

PeriPage – inkless pocket printer.  (World’s First!!!)


Don’t expect it is a high resolution printer ya.  It is a toy printer.  Only 203 dpi resolution.


It is definitely very small.  Portable.  Easy to bring any where.  I think it is perfect for Secondary 1 student to carry this in their bag.

The printer itself is about S$81.  Not so cheap for a little thing like this.  But hey, I have not seen any other out there.  So, they are the pioneer.  It is a gadget, so, price at this point is premium lor.

OK, if you buy more, it become cheaper by few dollars.  Save $8 per printer.

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 9.56.03 PM.png

It is bluetooth connected.

Got IOS and Android app, also have PC app.  I didn’t see MacOS app though…


Can buy the paper too.  I think it is just paper roll lor.  But it has a price tag of S$23.  Expensive now, but I am sure when other China people “copied” their design, it will eventually drive the price down.


Of course, if you buy more… like 20 rolls of white paper, the price become S$54.  OK much much cheaper.

What kind of logic is that?  3 rolls for S$23 vs. 20 rolls for S$54.

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 9.53.21 PM.png

They also have “sticky paper”.  You can just stick it to anywhere.  I think my wife will love this, as it can stick onto her Aquaponics merchandise.  hahaha

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 10.01.04 PM.png

Here is a sample of print out.


This is a print out of photo.  Like what I said before, don’t expect high resolution printing.  203dpi nia.  And the paper is really a paper.


You want to know how fast it prints?

Very fast.  Just like print out a receipt.

You can print this for your kid for learning Chinese.


See, I am printing the Sudoku.  There is this Discovery menu item, that has daily Sudoku, Word Search, Link Games, etc.

Printing Photo is very fast too.  You select from the Photo Library, then decide if you need to edit the photo, adding text, patterns, etc.  Then print.  Very fast.

Again, 203dpi.  Not bad liao.


It is a very cool product.  I can now print out all these small little paper and give it to my son’s play dates on Friday.  hahahaha


Imagine, when you doing some project work with your friend.  And you want to print out and read it on the bus.  You can just sent everything to this PeriPage printer, and print.

You can share your photos, homework with your friend fast fast.

It is real cool!  I like!


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