Get Rid of that Horrible Smell

Date:  Feb 25, 2019

Whenever Jay came out from the weekly badminton lesson, his shirt really smell.  He had so much perspirations until the shirts smell stink.  Very stink.

When I drove him home, I practically have to wind down the window, let the natural air to ventilate the car for that 15min ride.


Some friends from Bangkok taught me this.

Buy this from Don Don Donki.


This spray kills bacterias and kills the stinky smell.


消臭&除菌, so it says.


So, what you do, just spray it on the shirt (with 10cm distance).  Skin contact is OK.  So it says.

It smell like “mint”.

And once it spray on to the shirt, it interacts with the sweat and produce cooling effect.  I mean really cooling effect.  Your whole body will fill very cool.  Which will cool down your body temperature after a good workout.


It was sold in Don Don Donki.  For less than $12 (for 500ml).  My friends said, when he buys from other places, 100ml (small bottle, easy to carry) usually cost $15.  He was surprise to see it sold in Don Don Donki for < $12.

He says “Good Buy!”.

He himself bought one bottle back to Thailand.

And Don Don Donki just open its shop in Bangkok the same week.


I been to Don Don Donki a couple of times.  Since there is no Chinese or English descriptions of this produce, usually, I will not even pay any attention to it, and don’t even know what is the usage of this.

Now, I know.

And it works like a charm.

After I worked out, come back from my morning, walk, I will spray it on my shirt.  So that when my helper wash the cloths, it will not stink other shirts.

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