Jay Learn Mahjong

Date:  Feb 17, 2019

I learned Chinese Mahjong (13 tiles) when I was 12-13 years old.

So, it is about time for Jay Jay to learn it too.  I once or twice try to expose him to Mahjong.  But I think my attempt has failed.  As he has forgot how to play.


I don’t mind teaching young Kay Kay to play too.

He is learning, but I am seeing he got some talent too.


He even humming songs while playing.

Oh ya, Mahjong is a family thingy too.

Better introduce them at home or from home rather than they learned it from outside, from their friends, etc.

Usually, you will set the records right at the beginning when you learn the game

“Remember, don’t get addicted.  Addicted to gambling is no good.”

This sort of message.  haha


Make mahjong fun and easy for them to learn.


So, here are my previous mistakes…

  • I am trying to teach them too many concepts at one go.
  • I was telling them what is 清一色,大三元,十三幺, etc etc.
  • They were confused with so many different tiles and cannot grasp what need to be done.

So, this year, I try this new method of playing.  And it works, it is easier to understand, and it is interesting that they immediately know what to do.

  • Remove all the flowers.  You don’t need those flowers when you teach them to play.  It confused them.
  • I did not tell them or mentioned all kinds of winning.  But I only require them to do the following.. keep a pair of EYES, either Pong or 吃 for the remaining 4 sets of 3-tiles.
  • Tell them the aim of game is 鸡糊.  No need to do big big.
  • Now, under these circumstances, you as parents, as the experience players, try to do big  big, and win them.  Then, you tell them your cards are quite big because of a certain pattern and reasons.

And after the simple training, Jay is good to go.


While he is entertaining those 3 persons, I have a job to do.

Huat ah, Happy Chinese New Year to all.




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