Malaysia JPJ’s VEP Registration – This Time is for Real bah…

August 29, 2019

From Oct 1, almost all the Singapore cars entering Malaysia must have

  1. their car registered with JPJ
  2. their car installed with the RFID for the VEP process.

VEP stands for Vehicle Entry Permit.  It is like a Visa for the car to enter a country.  When you applied successfully, your car will be registered with the sort of LTA in Malaysia called JPJ.  They will know who owns the car, by default they will assume the owner is the driver, and they know your NRIC/Passport, your phone number and your home address.  Hmmm… what does that mean?

This article was posted on not long ago.  You can refer to this useful guide to get your car registered.  I also follow the guide.  And I must say it is simple in a way.

Here are some comments and photos of my experience today when I got my RFID.  This is the thing you need to get.  (I blanco the serial number :)).


Initial Steps

After you have

1) registered online,

2) download the Touch’n’Go e-Wallet,

3) register your real Touch’n’Go (not sure necessary or not)

4) tied your e-wallet to a bank card (or payment method),

5) then, they allowed you to book the appointment.

Book Appointment

I actually booked the appointment yesterday when I was at the airport in Bangkok.  So, I booked for today 8:30am.  It shows as a yellow slow (i.e. means limited), but I was able to book it successfully.

Then, you have to choose the location from one of the four.

For me, I have totally no idea where are #1, #2 and #4.  But I vaguely remember Plaza Angsana.  It is just at Tampoi, and opposite the IRAS Malaysia @ Tampoi.

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 9.53.56 PM.png

The Ansana Open Carpark C is very misleading.  When you driving from the main road, you saw that Ansana building.  But the VEP registration place is NOT INSIDE or AROUND the building.  It is actually OPPOSITE of the building.  So, instead of turn right into the Ansana indoor/basement car park, you turn LEFT into the open car park just opposite the Ansana building.


There is a container there, which is their office.  All counters are there.

I arrived around 8am.  My appointment is 8:30am.  So, still early.

You can sit any way, later they will call out names.

Take note, if you have not booked any appointment, they don’t allow you to get anything.

You must book appointment.


OK, if you want to stay in front of the queue, you park the car near to the entrance, facing the VEP container office.

Because at exactly 8:30am, they will ask every one to go to their car, and unlock the car.

So, if your car is park closest to them, then, they will number you at the front.


That is why I got 1003.  Hahahaha.  Actually there are 3 cars on my left.  But one of it has his appointment set on September instead of today.  So, they rejected him.  So, I become the third in line.


They want you to unlock the car so that they can TEST SCAN the RFID.  So that they make sure your wind screen not so powerful to block their scan.

See, one lady put the RFID card at the windshield and the other use the scanner to scan.


Around 8:30am, they already decorate the counter 5.

You notice there is a printer there.  It is a PRIVATE printer.  So, in case that you forgot to bring or print out anything, you can ask them to connect your phone to the printer Wifi and print on the spot.  They collect RM2 for each copy.

There is no photo copy machine.  So, you will need to take picture and print.


This is very important.  You must bring along all these.  Missing one of these, they will boot you out.


Checking the wind screen takes about 30 minutes.  Then, they start to call the number to submit the document.

At first counter 5 will make sure every one has all the document, if no, if can print, pay RM2 to print.


You have to pay RM10 for the RFID.  So, once you submitted your document, they will ask you to sit down, then, you pay money at the counter 3.

Yes, I got the stack back.  Now, wait for Counter 5 to call your number again.


Once your number got called by Counter 5, you will have to go drive your car to the Activation counter which is the car park space in front of Counter 5.

Yeap, you have drive the car over.  They will not walk to your car.

Then, they will find space to stick the RFID.


That’s it.  Done.  You can go after they stick the RFID and tested with the hand held scanner.


OK, here are some thoughts..

  • I think once they got all your basic info.  They become very powerful.  Imagine, you want to Ah-Jiu Wok-Dai-Bee-Hoon… And you park your car and forgot to put car park ticket.  Now with the RFID and if the traffic police equipped with the correct equipment, they know who is the offender and sent the saman to.
  • Now, last time, they don’t know who to sent.  Now, they know exactly who to sent.  Be it you drive or you don’t drive the car.  They will ask the saman from the owner.
  • And…. because you tied the VEP registration with your Touch’n’Go e-wallet which tied to the bank Visa card.  Will there deduct the fine (saman) immediately?  Since they have the RFID???
  • Basically, you can’t race car in Malaysia, drive 160km/h, etc.  Because fining you is very easy mah.
  • MAI TU LIAO.  According to my observation, they (Malaysian government) is darn serious about it.  Judging from the process, the scanner, the RFID, the people they put in to do the work, which is quite organised.  I think this time it is for real.  They also announced it many many time.  And the VEP registration is started since 2015.  And I read the FAQ from the web site, seems that they have some process too.  They write down RM150 for the saman.
  • The process can be completed within 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours depending on where you are in the queue.
  • The process is serialised.  Not really parallel.  So, they have to check your document, after checking everyones document, then they check the car, ask you to open the door.  After checking all the cars, then, the Counter 1-4 opens for you to submit.  Then, pay money at counter 3 + driver your car over to activate and install the RFID sticker is the last step.
  • In case you need to drive into Malaysia, remember, after Oct 1, nobody knows what will happen.  So, In my opinion, I think you should be KIA-SU a bit.  Go do lor.
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