Singapore’s Gourmet Food Delivery

Date:  May 11, 2013

Usually, when mommy has to work during the weekend, we stay at home for dinner.

A bit lazy, don’t want to cook.  Then, usually, we will order KFC for food delivery.  

This time, I spent some time on the Net and found this.

Logo 1

Let’s give it a try. 

IMG 1561

Next, key in your postal code here.  And press “Search!”

Screen Shot 2013 05 12 at 6 10 39 AM

It will return a full list of restaurant near my place that has “connection” with the “Gourmet to Go” food delivery service.

Screen Shot 2013 05 12 at 6 12 31 AM

Ginza Bairin is at J-Cube.  And it is the only restaurant fall in Zone 1.  


So, if it is Zone 1, the delivery charges is about $4.  The minimum order is $25.  There is also $5 surcharge for orders below $40.  So, in order to get the good deal on delivery, spent more than $40.

Screen Shot 2013 05 12 at 6 14 45 AM

OK.  On top of that, they charge 10% for “Survival Charge”.  I think that is fine.  And I am pretty sure they get a discount from the menu price too.  I think that is fine.  Just think about a guy, go to that actual restaurant, order the take out food for you, and then, ride the motor bike sent it to your home.  Compare to you drive your car, fight for car park in J-Cube at that hour, pay the car park fees do the same thing what he did, and come home.  Or if you compare it to taking a taxi, which definitely I think going to have higher chance to go over the Delivery charges and may be surcharge or so on. 

Remember, most of these restaurant do not do delivery at all.  They only have take out.  

Let’s give it a try!

Screen Shot 2013 05 12 at 6 16 59 AM

After you key in your postal code, they list a restaurant for you to choose.  So, when you click onto the restaurant, the menu comes out.  So, I just picked what I want to eat.

IMG 1563

The Dinning Calculator will just show up with all the food you are ordering.  The price I guess is just similar to what you order from the restaurant.

IMG 1564

OK.  Above is just a dining calculator.  You still need to call 635-22622 in order to make the order.

So, I called.  Immediately, there is a agent receiving a call.

She asked “Have you pick the menu?”

I said “Yes”.

She asked “Can you see the Total Bill?”

I said “Yes, it is $74.80”

She said “OK.  I saw your order, you are ordering 1x Black Pig Katsu Curry 140g, … … …., is this correct?”

I said “Yes.  Wow, you actually can see my order while I am just doing my web surfing…”

She answered yes.  Then, she take down my credit card number, and expiry date, and tell me the delivery is 60-90 minutes.  

Screen Shot 2013 05 12 at 6 23 00 AM

The food really came around 80 minutes later.  And it is a very good food indeed that every forgot to take the photo.  HaHaHa.  This is what is left over.  My younger son Kay Kay even eat a lot of “Black Pig”.  This is a first.  Since Mommy still teleconference in the room, she gets a Black Pig Don in her room.  We are simply sit outside and eat.

IMG 1567

I think this service is great.  You can eat restaurant food at home.  Very good quality of food.  So, next time when I want to order KFC, I will think about my alternative.

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