TKD: Jay Jay & His Green Belt

Date:  May 13, 2013

One of the green belt will be Jay’s.


Since K2 he has been taking Tae Kwon do at JH Kim TKD School @ Millennium Walk.


Just last week, he took the grading.  As you can see below int he video, he is much mature comparing to before.  He is taking this sport very seriously. 


Jay took off his yellow belt, to receive the new belt.


And this is his new green belt.


He looks happy at the end.


Congratulation Jay Jay.  Daddy is very proud of you!

IMG 1579

A new challenge going to come.  Jay Jay going to learn how to Sparring from now on.  He has to take at least 4 class of light sparring, and means, he learns how to fight. 

IMG 1602

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