Jay & his Violin Improvement

Date:  May 13, 2013

Violin is the only class that I did not force Jay Jay to practise at home.  But still, Jay show strong interest in Violin, and he usually will learn and practise in the 45 Minutes class at Elite Music @ Sultan Plaza.

Most of the time, his teacher will have some comments such as, not focus, if too hard, don’t want to do, etc etc.

IMG 1573

But yesterday, was the first time that Mr. Leong, actually praised Jay Jay.

Mr. Leong: “Today, he plays like a real violinist.”

Ken: “Uh?  Means?”

Mr. Leong: “When he plays, and if he finds that it is no good or wrong… he will request to replay again… That is what violinist will do.”

Ken: “Wow!  That is the first time he does that.”

Mr. Leong: “But at the last 5 minutes, he start to slow down.  I think getting tire. hahaha”

Ken: “HaHaHaHaHa… I think the piano lesson also helps him too.  He now have to see two lines of music sheets for left and right hand.  So, may be that is the reason why he suddenly can play well in Violin.”

Ken: “Also, his sense of music is getting better.  He can tell my Ukulele is out of tune now.”

Mr. Leong: “That’s good!”

Well Done Jay Jay!

IMG 1574

Ok.  I think we will keep his violin lesson.

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