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Date:  May 6, 2013

Me and Jay Jay went to pick up our Cold Storage Kids Run goodie bags that day.  And we visited all the booth that is doing the joint promotions.

IMG 1304

We stopped at the Pinnacle Chiropractic and did a free scan.

IMG 1297

Mine came out not so bad.  I can explain.

1) Finished 35 episodes of 步步惊心 lying on my bed mostly recently.

2) Finished 13 episodes of “Last Resort” lying on my bed mostly recently.

3) Play a bit of golf on weekly basis.

So, you can see that my neck is leans towards right, and my hips go towards left.  

I think is perfectly normally.  But let’s give this guys a chance.  So, I will be visiting their clinic soon to do a further checks.  

IMG 1299

Now, let’s take a look at Jay Jay.

What?  What’s going on here?

HaHaHa… The onsite doctor explain, no need to alarm about this, as he has seen a lot of these in a lot of young kids these days.  

He explains… this is probably due to the heavy bags that he needs to carry.

So, In Jay Jay’s case is worst.  Because, he not only need to carry the bags, he needs to do the following…

1)  Carry the bags up and down the school bus.

2)  Carry the bags up and down 3 storeys 4 days a week as he is in the CARE program where he needs to run every day for 15 laps (basketball court).

So, I can imagine that Jay Jay climbs up the stairs with a happy face.  

He may not know this but when he gets older, problem will sure surface.

IMG 1301

So, definitely, we will see the doctor (by paying $30 for 2) to do further check ups and get further advise.

As a parent, we see our kids at home.  But we do not see them every single minute.  So, we do not know what they do in school.  So this is one of the potential hazards that we need to teach our kids.  

My son loves to swing his body while he is carrying that heavy bags (actually Jay’s bag is not that heavy most of the time).  So I taught him “Momentum” today.

Of course not teaching him the whole theory of force and momentum.  By simply relates it to car breaks.  Why we breaks the car and the car cannot stop immediately.  Where the mass of the body creates a momentum force to pull or push you even when you stop.  That kind of thing la.  So, Jay Jay understands it.




Things that I taught, no running when you have bags behind you.  No jumping and swing your body too.

One more thing… kids are allow to bring their own books to schools.  Sometimes I saw Jay bringing very heavy books to school.  So, we need to educate kids more about this.  These are things that you cannot see every day.  So, hope that Jay Jay will understands more about this and the hazards and he will be self aware about the situations.

Will update more once we did the check up on May 18.  

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