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Date:  Feb 1, 2019

I am getting old.

My body is getting weaker.

Unfortunately, I need these following 3 medicines to prolong my life.

For example, Crestor may cost $3-$5 per bill if you buy it from your doctor.  It might be slightly cheaper if you get it from Pharmacy such as Guardian.

Once you are on these medications, you are likely going to take these for life.

I have been very lazy to go into JB most of the time.  Because of the Jam lah.

But last Thursday, I went to eat with my mom.  And beside the restaurant there is this Pharmacy.

I walked in and ask “Auntie, I want to buy medicine, but I didn’t bring the written prescription.  Can I buy from you here without prescription?”

Auntie: “Of course can!  What medicine you need?”

I quickly pull out my iPhone and search for the medicines I taking in my Notes.  And I showed Auntie the 3 types of medicines I am taking.  I show her the photos.

Auntie: “Of course we carry these.”

I said “Let me try one month.  After my medical check out I come back here buy more.”

As she take out the 3 boxes, I quickly did a calculations and math in my head… I then “WAAH?  187 Ringgit per box for Crestor???”

Auntie quickly reply: “Of course la, these are expensive, because they are imported from overseas.  Don’t worry I give you discount.”

I was like “?????????????????”


The medicine cost me 442 Ringgit.

And check out the box labeled 187 Ringgit.  But I got it at 109 Ringgit.

In fact all 3 boxes, there are discount to it.

The reason I “WAAH” just now is because the 187 Ringgit price tag already very cheap.  Now I got it at 109 Ringgit for Crestor??  That is almost S$1.20 per bill.  And Singapore is selling at $3-$4 for it.  That is about 1/3 of the price I am paying in Singapore.


This is the place I got my medicines.


I still cannot figure out why Singapore medicines cost so much.

Isn’t it medicines is to save life?

Who is making the money?


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