Buy Medicine – Bangkok vs. JB

Date:  March 30, 2019

Last time I wrote about buying medicine in JB.

My friend says buying from Thailand should be cheap too.  Let’s find out.

These medicine was previously bought from one of the pharmacy in JB.


This is the receipt of two medicines I bought from Bangkok BOOTS.



Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 9.43.40 AM.png


So, as you can see very clearly.  Buying the same medicine from Bangkok is about twice of the price of buying the same medicine from Malaysia.  And buying from Bangkok can be 25%-50% cheaper from buying in Singapore.

You don’t need prescriptions to buy from Bangkok too.

And of course, buying from Bangkok can entitle to VAT refund too.


I tried to see what is the different.  But it looks the same to me.


But my friend told me Thailand one is original.  And Malaysia could be OEM.  Not sure what does that mean.  But I am sure if it is distributed by the same manufacturer, the quality and ingredients should be exactly the same bah…


So, now, you have your answers.  Buying high colesterol medicines in Malaysia is still the most affordable one.



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