Japan’17 Vacation @ Kyushu (Day 5-11)

NDate:  Jun 18, 2017

Kinrinko Lake

We almost miss this place.

Due to not well planning.  I have no idea what is this place.  I thought it is just a lake.

But it turn out to be a nice tourist place.


Here is the lake.


It is just a lake.


But all Chinese, Koreans buses stopped here.  So, it has some other attractions too.


Welcome to Yufuin Owl’s Forrest.  Hidden inside Yufiin Floral Village.


That is a real owl.


This is the Eurasian Eagle Owl.


A very nice Owl.

You can touch them.


There are many of them.


Different kind of owl.


This is the Great Grey Owl.  It does looks a bit stupid.


May be is because of his two big de-focus eyes.

How can it be great?  hahaha


Another pair of them.

Some stand there really still.  not moving.  You thought it is fake, but it is not.

Some just love to dance.  Like this Ashy Face Owl.

It is really called Ashy Face Owl.


More owl spotted.


And they have Hedwig.


A pair of them.


Kids love to touch anything.

You can do a lot here.


It is basically a shopping districts with all kind of things.


And of course, why they love it here?


Unzen Miyazaki Ryokan


This ryokan is just beside the Unzen Jikoku.  We will walk there when the rain stops.

The strong sulphuric smell will drive away the kids.


The highway is pretty good.  It takes us 3 hours to get to Unzen.

The hotel is a bit old.  But not too bad.  Every night we go onsen at the public onsen pool.


This route is not a straight road though.  hahaha if your kid has motion sickness.  Beware.


They arrange your futon, and give you this.


Onsen time again.


Nothing much here to see.

We visited this volcano earthquake museum.  Learn all the things about volcano and earth quake.


See the ruins when the lava come down.


Then we visited Shimabara Castle.


Learn about the history.


It was rainy day.


Then we go to this place.  To see the city of flying carp.


Very clear water.


This guy has a nice house and garden.


Let’s find the fish.


Clear water plus fish equal flying fish.




This is the house.


The underground water keep pushing out.

Dinner time.


This hotel has a nice garden.


That has a lot of Jikoku.  You know back in hudreds years ago, the bad people in Japan throw the people with different religions into this kind of Jikoku and let it burn and die.


Very boiling hot.


Unzen Jikoku.  hahaha


I think Jay Jay cannot take the sulphur smells.


Onsen time.


This is our strategy this trip.

Two big luggage holding 11 days of clothing for 4 people.  And every hotel we go, we just put in 2-3 days worth of clothing in our back pack.  And we have all three sizes of the Riut back pack.  The large one can hold 7 days clothing.  Quite cool, you watch the youtube and you will fill amazing about the bags.  (the black one beside the green bag).

So, every hotel we checked in, we only bring the back pack not the big luggage.



Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

It is time to move to the next hotel.

Before that, let’s stop at Nagasaki.


Amazing Penguin.


And this is where your camera is at work again.




King Penguins.


How long the fish can be?


We like the feeding time.


Touching time.


This is the only place on earth these penguin are under the care of aquarium but they can live and swim in a natural sea, just like this.


Happy Penguins.


Oh, they swim like a duck.


Malaysian Cuisine Malaya Restaurant

Finally I met up with my Foon Yew High School Drama Club pal.  He has been in Japan for many years and he opened a Malaysian food restaurant in Nagasaki.


Dr M came to visit Nagasaki when Mr. Lock graduated in the Uni here back in 1995.


And Dr. M paid him a visit last year.


I never met Dr. M personally before.  But my friend met him twice.


They of course serve halal food.  It is the only Malaysian restaurant in Kyushu.


The spring roll is so delicious with the crispy thin skin.


This is actually the Nagasaki salada noodles.  It is like Hong Kong style cyispy noodle.  Very nice!


The interesting fried pisang.


A reunion.  30 years never met.


After closing the lunch, Mr. Lock brought us to see see look look.


The famous Samurai who wear western boots.


He seems to misplace his boots.  So, we walked down hill for about 1.5km to look for it.  We found it.  So big his boots.

What goes down must come up.  So, we walk back up hill for 1.5km.


Very nice Mochi.


He is quite a celebrity in Nagasaki.  Always go on to the TV show.

Well, he is well trained during the days in Foon Yew Drama Club.


Time to say good bye.


Chagokoro no Yado Warekuen

So, we finally arrived at yet another onsen destination.  Ureshino.  This is where we stay.


Did you see the blue blue sky?  Means, I can take photo of the sky again.


Yeah another onsen hotel.


Very good onsen hotel.


Yeah!  Another onsen hotel.


Opposite the hotel is a park.  This park is a province or town owned park.  Guess what so special about these benches?


The park is free WiFi and these benches comes with free electrical outlet.


Dinner time.  Comes together with the room stay.


Saga Beef.


At night, take a stroll… peaceful.  I still don’t like that huge huge moon.


Ureshino is famous for firefly.  But tonight, we missed the tour.  And it is only lonely firefly.  So sad.


Next day.  Ninja village.


This guy, I think he is the owner.


He is also the Guinness record holder for slicing 28 apples in 1 minute using his ninja sword.


Kids love it.  Got arrows and bows too.


Cute Ninja lady show my kids how to throw .


After that, we visited the provincial space science centre.


They learned a lot of things.


They spent most of the time here.  Flight simulator to fly planes, land planes.  Cool!


Pilot Kay, are you trying to crash the plane?

Wonderful bubble making machine.

After that, we arrived at Arita.  有田烧.


But I don’t like this place.  Because it is a “con China Chinese” place.  When we arrived there are a lot of Chinese tourist.  The salesman and sales lady all are Chinese.  They can con.  They try to sell me 水素水。


Lucikly we have our Math Fluxx card game with us.  While mommy go buy clay, pottery.


Ureshino Firefly

This hotel offer free tour to see firefly.  And we are ready.  8pm.  Let’s go.

Again, we did not plan this, but simply by luck, we have a chance to take photos of firefly.


But first, lets figure out how to take the firefly photo.


Ah… the cute ninja girl revealed her identity.  At night, she and the Ninja master run the firefly tour in their costumes.  Wow… very hard working indeed.


It is so beautiful.

I had never take photo with exposure more than 30 seconds before.  Tonight, I patiently taken photos with 3 MINUTES exposure.  WOW…


So, pretty.  The green thingy is the firefly.  There are so many of them.

IMG_2290 2.jpg

I have been trying my best to get it right.  Every photo needs 2-6 minutes taking and processing.  So, I know may time is limited.


And I love it.


My first firefly photos.


Space World

This is a bonus.  We specially drive all the way to Space World.  1 hour from Fukuoka.

It is a Sunday.

And Car Park almost full.  A lot of people.


Nice theme park.


Is that Mercury ride?  The green rollercoaster.

Why his face is so happy.


This is a wonderful ride.  A lot of turning.  And when you come out, your head feel dizzy and cannot walk straight.

Terror ride.


This is a big huge jumping pad.


Very fun right?

I am good!


Go up 60 meter, top speed 115km/h … and long ride.  wahaha cant even find a spot to take the entire ride video.

We even sit in a wet ride.


Got show too.


Luigans Spa & resorts


After Space World, we quickly drove back to Fukuoka.  Luckily this is the only hotel without breakfast and dinner.

_DSF6566 2.JPG

It is like Shangri-la @ Sentosa.  It is on an island.


Got a seaside.  With PSA like giraffe opposite.




The Marine World is just 5min walking distant beside the Luigans.


The Dolphins shows are really nice.  We watched it three times.  hahaha


These Dolphins are cute.


They love to splashed water.


Fly fly fly.


Really enjoy the show.


I love dolphins.

Great display.

Dolphins playing the white ball.

Dolphins riders.

A lot to see inside too.


Don’t forget to touch the shells and fish too.


Just look at the fish.


Next morning is 10am flight.  So, we returned the car a day before.


Figure our way around on the trains.


Learn how to drive a train.


Cheers with beer.


Feed ourselves Ramen.


It’s shopping time.  My favourite is Yodabashi and Tokyo Hands.

As for the kids, they will spent hours here.




They spent I think few thousands yen here.

Wow, amazing.


Have moon light.


Got beach.


Fresh air.


And finally, we are happy to go home.


Dump all the cloths in the bag, and we are heading home.

We are looking forward to the year end Vacation next.


Japan is a good country to visit for kids.  Every day, you are greeted with Ohayo, Konichiwa, Arigato-gozaimas.  Every day, people talking to each other and bow to each other.  These are the cultures I want my kids to see more often.  To learn, to appreciate.

I have seen some of other countries how the rude behaviour, and I have seen a lot of how the massive tourist from a certain country containminate the trorist attractions.  Wow, … like when we were at Arita, my wife come back from a toilet break, and she said, wow, the tourist does not know she can close the door to do her big things (poo poo).  I am speechless and jaw drop.

That is why I dont go with tour agency.  I don’t go to certain tourist attractions places.  I pick those that I think it is good and make kids happy places.  All I care is a smile and laugh from my kids and my wife.


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