Robotics Notes – Catapult & Ferris Wheels

Date:  Jul 20, 2016

Teacher Enzo at the Wonderworks @ Liang Court gave Kay Kay group an interesting project this week.  All the kids are having lots of fun designing their robots.


You can see his big smile after testing the catapult and working.

Mean while, the older kids group is making their push up robot and display the push up count with a counter.

You can see that the older kids programming getting more complex.


Let’s go back to Kay Kay.

Kay Kay keep improving and testing his robot.  I got a very funny feeling that I think the kids suppose to design the robot to throw the paper ball into the cup like a basketball, instead of knocking down the cup.  So, that is why the robot must be able to move, and to throw in a parabolic line that will go into the cup instead of smashing the cup.  hahaha but you know he is having lots of fun modifying the program.

At the end of the class, Jay Jay also comes in and join the fun.  And now the project has just changed to seek and destroy.


Do you see how much laughter they have on their face when they hit the cups?

What a fun week at Robotics class.

Check out the latest project Kay Kay is working on.  I think it is pretty cool.  The Ferris Wheels will scan the ticket, and then, spin accordingly.  Adult ticket is blue, so, the ride will spin faster.  So scary.  But it is all fun for the kids.  hahahaha


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