Kay Kay & littleBits Camp

Date:  Jun 14, 2016

At young age, perhaps influenced by his elder brother Jay Jay, Kay Kay has been playing with Snap Circuits and littleBits.

It is a good thing for kids to fell in love with electrical circuits.  I was graduated from Electrical Engineering, that is why I think it is a good thing for Kay Kay.  (So, for your case, it might be different ya!  If you are a doctor, you might want your kid to hold a surgeon knife, if you are a musicians, you want them to pick up violin, etc etc).


From time to time, he will build his own small circuits and show it to me.


So, I found a holiday camp for him.  To learn both Scratch programming and littleBits together from 10am to 5pm for 5 days.  It is great and timely too, as his brother went for an educational trip to Hangzhou for 6 days early June.

So, I sent Kay Kay to Saturday Kids school holiday camp.



So, the first half of the class is all about learning littleBits – Electrical circuits.


So, 5-days later.  This is what he has learned and what he will present to me.

Yeap!  He is going to do a presentation.  I love this class.  They teach the kids and then then want them to think for themselves and then lastly, present it to parents and other people.  Cool!


OK, I think this is his first ever circuit diagram.  (It is ugly!)

Oh wait, he even put the parts and $dollar sign in.  So, they have to tell the teachers, how much they spent (shopping) to put the project together.

What a neat idea to teach the kids that each parts cost money.


Designing is about drawing it on the paper.  Review the design and then implement.


How does a button, dimmer and sound sensor works?  He learned and understand the concept of simple electricity circuit.


So, he design this “Shirt with Disco light on it.”  It is called a “Party Shirt”.


Explaining his inventions.


Very cool!  for a 7-years old boy.


There are a few awards to be awarded.  So, Kay Kay will be competing in Most Budget friendly design.


They can buy the parts here with fake money.


It does not matter if you are 6-7 years old or 10-12 years old.  You can learn the design process at every stage.


I like the way how they conduct the class and do the brain storming with every kids using sticky pads.


Every project must ask yourself the 6 W’s.


These are some of the things you don’t usually learn from normal classroom.


Is his turn to present the party shirt.


Kay Kay prese

His party shirt glow in the dark place.

Very well done and well thought project.  hahaha although is crude, but it is good enough for a 7-years old boy.


Prize ceremony.  He got the most budget friendly design.

I tis a very good exposure for Kay Kay.


He loves the little bits project a lot.


Of course I have not forgotten about Jay Jay.   At home…


I expose him to Arduino.


He learned how to read circuit diagram, learned how to design the circuit, know why the LED will light up, and know how to choose the resistor.


Kids usually have strong desire for learning.  And my Jay Jay has the strong interest in electronics and stuff.


He is no longer playing with snap circuits.  And last time when he played with it, he does not understand much.  But now, he slowly learned what is electricity all about.


Last time, he just follow the instructions plugs all these resistor into the circuit without learning why. Now different.


Now Jay Jay build the electric circuit from scratch.


He felt happy to show me the switch button LED.

My table become an electrical work bench now.


For building exciting projects.


Check out my sensor bot.


That can give you a lot of sensor data.  hahaha


So, learning has no age limit.

You have to expose your kids to all kinds of things so that they can understand what they like eventually.

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  1. You the DAD! How wonderful! Thank you for knowing your kids so well and allowing them to explore what they love. If I could live life over, would you be my dad. 🙂 ?
    I bought my 7 year old grandson a Snap Circuits beginner kit last year. He LOVED it and enjoyed the ‘door that was opened’ to him.
    Thank you for your sharings. ren

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