Kay Kay Completed His Kindergarten

Date:  Dec 29, 2015

Finally, since 18 months old, Kay Kay has finally say good bye to his pre-school – Lorna Whiston.

Next year, he will be joining his brother for Primary 1.

IMG 4202

Just after he got his blue belt in Taekwondo, he attended the Pei Tong Primary School orientation.

IMG 4191

He felt happy on that orientation day.

IMG 4207

He gets to wear his new uniform.  Looks a bit big.

IMG 4213

He is funny.  So, he will definitely survive in his Primary School years.

IMG 4230

When he was in K1, we were a bit worry about him, wonder when he can grow up.  But K2 seems completely different, and he grew up fast during that year.

IMG 4244

His bodyguard will be protecting him for the first 3 years in Primary School.  Jay Jay!

IMG 4256

This will be his new school bag.

IMG 4264

On Nov 28, this is the day Kay Kay for the first time will not be sleeping at home with parents.

That day is his K2 Camp Night.  This is the traditional day where K2 students spent the night with the teachers at school.

But this year, LWPS did it differently.

Instead of having the school camp in Lorna Whiston Pre-School, the school camp is held in Sentosa Underwater World.

IMG 4960

Yup, he is going to stay overnight at Sentosa Underwater World.

IMG 4933

There are a lot of activity for them to do at Underwater World.  And they don’t get to sleep until 12 mid-night.  Wow.  

How exciting.

IMG 4937

Look how happy he is sitting beside his best buddy Collette.

IMG 4949

I think they are going to see the dolphins outside.

IMG 4953

Of course learning the different kind of fish species in the aquarium itself.

IMG 4954

Wow, it is amazing and it looks so fun.

IMG 4955

Let’s take a quick pic here.

IMG 4957

It’s dinner time.

IMG 4958


More activities…

IMG 4945

Yeah, we are taking a tour.

IMG 4943

This is so cool.  Wearing pyjamas in the Underwater World and walk around.

IMG 4963

Yup, I am going to sleep with this fish later.

IMG 4965

I think it is almost 12 mid-night, and the kids are still awake??  hahaha

IMG 4971

Amazing.  So much fun.

IMG 4973

Dong dong dong dong dong dong dong dong dong dong dong dong

The clock strikes 12 and all have to go to bed.

IMG 4974

Nite Nite.

IMG 4975

Good night Kay Kay.

IMG 4977

They sure wake up early next day.

IMG 4986

So surprise that they can even wake up.

IMG 4988

Let’s do more excursion.

IMG 4990

Wah… So happy ah….

IMG 4991

They really visited a lot of places.

IMG 4993

Even playing with the seals.

IMG 4994

Then, they learn more stuff from the video.

IMG 4995

Meanwhile, the parents of the kids were having fun with their siblings too.  Play Luge.  They are waiting to fetch Kay and Collette.

IMG 5005

And I am on my 6-days conference trip to Bangkok with 4 days playing golf.  hahahaha

IMG 5041

And it is finally done.  Kay Kay finally done his K2 camp.

IMG 5011

So as Collette.  With a happy face.

IMG 5012

A big thanks to their favourite teacher.

IMG 5024

And that concludes their happy K2 camp.

IMG 5061

And finally Kay Kay has completed his pre-school years.  4 years and 6 months in Lorna Whiston.  It will be a very memorable memory for all these kids.


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